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  1. Here's my RHR Review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20089 Post 1 -- pictures Post 37 -- full review
  2. JABride

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    Congrats and welcome ... I was married at the RHR .. any questions, please ask ...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Erica053009 Ok update to my drama...yes I over reacted but what bride doesn't right away once I calmed down I was much more productive So it is a good and a bad thing...my date is safe and my deposit stands...my room rates are not secure which worries me since that is the big reason I chose this resort. Menu prices are due to change but hopefully not to drastically...I am going to fight for the wedding costs since they told me not to contract specifics until closer to the date. Hopefully everuthing will work out which I am sure it will...it is just so scary being on such a tight budget and there is a chance of prices rising. If your heart is set on RHR (which I believe it is since you put the deposit), MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT -- FAX IT TO THEM AND KEEP A COPY (and make sure you know who received it and when (they lost mine a couple of times) -(putting the deposit would not be enough as far I what I experienced) -- For my wedding, I signed the contract a few weeks before they up their menu and package prices -- I was lucky because the WC told me that if I did not have signed the contract, the new prices would apply to me (regardless of the fact that I put a deposit -- the deposit reserves the date but doesn't guarantee the prices) --- the only thing is that when I wanted to change something on my menu, if it wasn't on my contract, the new highter prices would apply for that change (and some of the prices were almost double of what they were originally quoted) -- do I make sense? (I tend to ramble a bit but I think this is pretty important)
  4. I got married there in april ... like everyone, communication is not their strong point ... but the wedding went pretty smoothly and the food, music (dj), service, etc were AMAZING!!! ... I put some of my pictures on my wedding website Our Wedding Website ... I also put a full/detailed review on this BDW site back in april as soon as I came back ... I will try to see if I can find the link and post it here for you.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by caroline divadivine... sorry, no longer going with RH. Communication was seriously lacking and then they ended up changing the prices on me! Now going w/GPLH. I believe that RH do allow outside photography (though you'd want to double check it) and I understood the wedding deposit to be $1,000 (but they changed that on me too) Their wedding packages are pretty expensive. Good luck! If I can help with anything else, let me know! Sorry for the first post .. did not realize that you changed resorts ... still CONGRATS!!! and I am glad you were able to set things up. Communication was also an issue for me with them as well as prices -- and I had to switch wedding planners 3 times since each time I got a new one, she would quit the resort (the last one quit a few weeks before my wedding day) --- talk about stressful months ... but in the end, the wedding was AMAZING ...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by ebdaniel113 Congratulations!!! I am also looking at Rose Hall Resort! What was the determining factor between RHR and other resorts? Have you visited the site? It looks wonderful and I have read MANY reviews. Is it still under renovation? Congrats again and any information you can pass on is very much appreciated!! I was married there back in April and it is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! renovations were done when I was there ... you can see the pictures on my wedding website (PHOTOS page) -- Our Wedding Website .... don't hesitate to ask any questions ....
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by caroline ... for December 15th at 5pm!!! Just waiting to remit the deposit! I eventually decided against getting married on my b/day and so FI and I pushed it back a week... and I'm pleased with the decision. He's not getting off that lightly! LOL And now for the fun to begin... CONGRATS !!! I got married at the RHR a few months ago ... and my birthday is Dec 13 ... any questions, don't hesitate to ask ... I was out of pocket for a while ... enjoying married life ... but will check this site once in a while to see how I can help ....
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by starryeyedbride2b I'm interested in some brochures and cameras. I need about 10 more brochures of each size. Willing to pay postage. I see some other brides have responded already, so let me know what you have left and how much. Thanks! ) Will do. Once the previous bride lets me know how many she needs, I can tell you how many I have left ... if any ... I did not get a chance to list out everything I still have but will post it as soon as I get it .. Thanks!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by przyby10 Where did you get the brochures? I would love to give them to my guests. I contacted the Jamaican tourism board (you can look in your yellow pages or google them to see if there is an office in your state) -- I called and they sent me a box for free. Even if they are not in your state, I think you can call and have them mail it to you anyway. I can't remember exactly how long it took for me to get them ... I would say 3-4 weeks - so plan early if you want to make sure you get them to send to your guests before they get to Jamaica (or you can hand them out while in Jamaica but I find people like to know/prepare in advance).
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by eastman2be Hi, I'm interested in the Jamaica brochures. I'll pay for postage if you want to mail them. Let me know what else you have! Thanks! You want all the brochures? or just some? let me know. PM me with your mailing info ... if it's really cheap to send the whole thing your way, don't worry about postage ... i just need to clear out my place ... the less I have, the better for me (I don't like to throw away things if it can help others) -- we bought a fully furnished home (a model home) so I have bigger things to worry about getting rid off ... for smaller stuff, I can give away and mail for free (if I don't end up dishing out too much money in the process)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Yvette i am interested in the polaroid instant cameras (izone). Sorry for the slow response, I am in the middle of moving to my new house ... hence the reason why I need to get rid of extra baggage ... If I remember well, I have about 10 izone cameras (can't remember off the top of my head -- they are in my old place right now)... they don't have film in them (I never used them, bought them on ebay some months ago before I changed my mind about using them for my wedding) ... anyway, you can have them for free ... let me know if you want all or just some ... PM me with your mailing info ...
  12. Hello everyone, Now that the wedding is over, I am going over the extra things that I have and see if some of you may need them before I just throw them away ... I have about 45 Jamaica brochures (details about Jamaica, things to do, maps, etc) .. there are two types : 15 big ones (8.5 x 11 - 30 pages) and the 30 others are smaller (4 X 9 - 31 pages). Since I got them for free, I would not make sense for me to charge you for it .. so it's free If any of you are in the Atlanta area, I can meet up with you and give them to you. I have other things such as white cd sleeves from blisswedding market, polaroid instant cameras (izone) that I will want to get rid of -- to give away or throw away. Once I have the details/clear count/list of everything else, I will post here too.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by xTinkerbellx Thanks JABride!! Yea right, i didnt know Ky-Ann had left! Do you have Yolandi's email address by any chance i best get in contact with her soon. The fruit / rum punch option sounds alot better than champagne, plus it keeps with the Jamaican theme, so we'll change that option, if its possible. How long was you taking pictures for? Did the photographer start with group family pictures then finish with just the couple pictures? We currently have our contract open to choose our reception when we are out there, as we're undecided over a having it at Sugar Mill Fall or Mango Islands. Originally decided on Sugar Mill Falls but heard it may get chilly in the evening on the beach... did you find this was true? Was there any other nice reception locations? Thanks!!! I PM you with Yolandi's email. The photograph came in my room before the wedding then went to my fiance's room, he took photos during the ceremony, we took pictures by the beach during the cocktail hour and he stayed for about 2 hours during the reception to take more pictures. You have to tell the photographer what you want and how long you want him to stay. He took most of the time pictures of me and my husband but throughout the evening, was taking random pictures of guests/groups ... For the reception location, my heart was set on Sugar mills since I wanted to be by the ocean but not on the sand. I loved having the ocean near. When there were speaches, you could hear the water splash (waves) and it was so nice to hear the ocean in the background ... it sounded so romantic ... It wasn't too cold ... hot with a little breeze. I am not sure at different times of the year but for me, that location was great ... I did not ask to visit the other places other than the inside location in case it rained.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by xTinkerbellx JABride, we're getting married at Rose Hall in August ... Thanks for sharing you're pictures and a great review..!!! FOOD During the cocktail hour, did you have any entertainment for you're guest? What drinks did you give children? Did you have cocktails or champagne? We have currently got a contract for a steel band along with selection of 3 appetisers and champagne ... but cocktails would be nicer, and than non alcoholic cocktails for children? CAKE I haven't even asked anything about the cake yet, but glad it tasted so nice... Strawberry cake sounds divine!! STAFF Who was you're WC? I originally has Janice Meany, but she left and i know have Ky-Ann... Although i haven't spoken to her for a few months, and we have everything planned now.. She seems pretty nice and very on the ball.. PRICE I had a mini heart attack when i had seen the price increase for 2008! And got a lot of 'I told you sooo's' when i had family saying that we should get the contract sorted in 2007... CEREMONY We have decided on the gazebo for the ceremony location, did you find it overlooked in any way? Was there many weddings on you're day or during your stay at Rose Hall? Sorry for the 101 questions... Thanks x First and foremost, about the WC ... I also started with Janice (she was really nice but never told me that she was leaving the Resort) then I worked with Ky-Ann (really nice too and she did warn me when she was leaving in March --- judging by your note, I am assuming you don't know that she left -- however, I heard she is with the florists that deals with Rose Hall. The current WC (Yolandi - nice too) told me that Ky-Ann is the one that took care of my bouquet and cake topper) Entertainment -- I had a already mixed CD playing on the music system for the cocktail hour and the DJ for the reception .. a steel band sound great though. During the cocktail hour, we had fruit punch and rum punch (we bought them from Rose Hall by the gallon. Kids and those that did not want alcohol would get the fruit punch, the others, rum punch. For the reception, I did not serve champagne at all for the wedding (except for the head table). I brought my own wine and paid the $15 corkage fee per bottle (it was much cheaper than paying the $30/bottle of wine at Rose Hall). All other drinks were served at the consumption bar (I chose the option to pay per drink and asked to be notified when the tab reaches a certain amount -- then I could decide if I close the bar or not -- I never was notified since the bar did not reach the amount I budgeted - which was great since at first, I was thinking of doing open bar and paying per guest. If you know your family doesn't drink much, I would do consumption bar -- you pay for what they order) I did not see other weddings that day but I heard there was a wedding on the beach and another one earlier in the day (mine was at 5). They try to keep wedding separate from one another and give enough time between weddings and I find they did a good job for me since I was not bothered by other weddings. During my stay, I saw several brides (about 2-3 per day) - I did not find it overcrowded by brides but I am sure you will see at least 1 lady in white everyday. The gazebo has nice landscape and you can get nice pictures behind and around it. The only thing about the gazebo is the fact that it is close to the rooms and you may get unwanted onlookers ... also, you will see the building in the pictures -- I would have prefered if it was overlooking the sea or something else, not a yellow building ... I think that's about it. Don't hesitate to ask more questions ... Happy planning
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by currier73 Beautiful wedding. Can you tell me how the weather was? We are getting married April 2009. Thanks, Heather Weather was tricky. The whole week before the wedding, it rained pretty much every day (not all day, just here and there). Rain was forecasted for my wedding day and I stressed over it until the wedding coordinator at Rose Hall showed me the alternate location (in case of rain) ... it was pretty nice ... anyway, the wedding day was perfect and the week after the wedding, I did not see a drop of rain until we left ... I guess you can never know ... just make sure the backup location in case of rain is nice enough ...
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