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    Any Regrets?Before or After DW

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    Newbie - Los Cabos, Mexico June 2010

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    welcome to the forum!
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    I am New :)

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    Hello Everyone!

    welcome!! Im sure toe will find lots of helpful information on this forum!
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    New here

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    Newbie on the Block

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    Hi! :) Just wanted to introduce myself...

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    Newbie for Cabo wedding

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    I cant wait for some great advice!

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    Uh-oh My FSIL is FLIPPING

    he should be fine. we had a large group (like you will) on a flight to vegas for my sisters wedding and my nephew (18 months) was fine he too was the only child on the flight. we let him roam and go around talking and sitting with everyone that was with our group. He had a blast. But yes a dvd player or toys will help too. On the way back he slept though just abt the whole flight. again on our flight to arizona he was fine too did the same we didn't make him confined to his seat only when it was mandatory. She shouldn't have any problems.
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    procrastinating bride

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