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Our Dw: Dreams Riviera Cancun 17 Apr 2015

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To Do:

  • Finalize Wedding Planner Form (just a couple things to iron out, otherwise this can be checked off)
  • Finalize Guest List & Seating Chart (gotta love those stragglers...)
  • Finalize Ceremony script (FI will do this when he get back from his business trip). (and print a copy, just in case!)
  • Music - getting ready, ceremony, first dance, AND reception
  • Design and order stickers for cups (FI's going to do this... eventually)
  • "Stuff" for cups - Instead of doing OOT bags, we are putting things inside the cups and attaching a tag to each one
  •           Finish purchasing items for cups - I bought chewable Airborne packets, mini Johnson & Johnson first aid kits (obvi these won't fit in the cups), and mini Aloe Vera bottles for 97 cents at Target    :). I also bought plastic baggies (I've read several times that people always find use for these?) and mint LifeSavers. Will will also add pepto and lip balm (still need to purchase).
  • Finish said tags for cups
  • Write Welcome "letter" - this will also be "stuffed" in the cups. This will include a welcome and thank you note from us, currency conversion ($1 USD = x pesos), restaurants and their hours & dress codes, an About Us section, a Who's Who section with bridal party and our moms, wedding day itinerary and reception menu, the resort map (this indicate wedding event locations), "tips", a list of places people traveled from to be at our wedding, and resort activities.
  • FI's shirt (we have the pants and shoes)
  • Print Alternative Guestbook (FI designed it)
  • Start packing - I'm 97.4% 98.6% sure we will need to purchase an extra suitcase, or two
  • Dog sitter - start taking the dogs to the sitter (as I have mentioned before, we are new to the state...and unfortunately, our dogs are spoiled and slow to warm up to people...the last thing we need is to worry about our fur babies)
  • Go to the courthouse and make things legal   :wub: (we are getting our rings today!)
  • Exchange money and get traveler's checks
  • Finish place cards and table numbers
  • Get e-ring cleaned
  • Have final fitting (08 April)
  • Purchase chalk markers or dustless chalk for chalk board easel
  • Buy Tide stick, superglue (just in case something happens to the fans in transit), and more sunblock
  • Buy a few new bikinis and rompers.
  • OH! and I want a big, floppy sunhat  :D
  • Gifts for moms, MOH, and best man (any ideas here? I am thinking about paying for our moms to go on an excursion of their choice. I don't know what else to do or what to get MOH & best man)
  • Appointment for waxing
  • TRY to PATIENTLY wait/countdown until we leave for our WEDDINGMOON!!!


Slowly, but surely, things are getting crossed off...

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Obviously, it's my day off since I keep posting  ;)


Couple of things:

  1. I LOVE del sol photography EVEN more than before! Ael called me and we chatted about a few photos that I had sent them and their input/suggestions. She is THE sweetest! I cannot wait for Debora & Marina to capture our special day! 
  2. Nothing like trying on your brand new wedding band and realizing how filthy your engagement ring is! I have to get mine cleaned. On that note, Woohoo! WEDDING bands!


&& a little something for my mother :)


She always read this book to me.


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I love all the hair choices! Who knew a hair style would be such a hard decision? 

I love the book Love You Forever. I cant help but cry every time I read it. 

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I love all the hair choices to be honest. I think the 5th is a nice option to have as the front but then you can do whatever you want in the back ;). I don't know if I like it as big at the top but I think it depends on how much volume you usually have on your hair. It would look strange on me and my small head, for example haha.  


For the back, I like 3 and 4 :)


The guestbook looks great and I think it will be a super sweet keepsake.

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The Last of the OOT Items 


$0.97/lip balm at Target




We bought 4 boxes (48 count).

An adult dose is 2 tabs, so we are giving 2 doses per guest.

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I don't know why I just found your planning thread but I'm glad I did! You have so many great ideas and you are so organized. Great job with everything so far. Your dress, jewellery, hair piece and OOT cups/inserts are great. And thank you for listing your playlist, so handy

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@@Wafflesmom, Thanks! I surely don't feel organized lol I am so ready for the actual wedding day and to enjoy Mexico with my soon to be husband!



Oh no...





But, I'm ALMOST done with the OOT Cups & Gifts


Surprisingly, the mints, pepto, lip balm, and aloe vera all fit inside the cup, with room to spare!

I'm adding the starfish confetti just because it looks pretty :)

All I need to do is finish the Welcome Letter, design and attach tags, and get stickers for the cups. 

Wow, that still feels like a lot!  :unsure:

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Font for Table Numbers




I plan on using the design style below (left), but in our wedding colors and without all the wording.

ie coral for the outer border and blue paper with the number in black ink?



Place cards - we are still doing this shot glass idea from another bride. (I'll use the same font as the table numbers. I think I'll do the name cards in blue and the table number in coral..and just use blank ink for the words?)



Beach Ceremony Decor




I ordered 8' of starfish garland from BeachWeddingSupply (etsy)

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