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  1. Hi @@Kirsteen! Just wanted to pop in and say that we had absolutely no issues with customs or anything when we arrived in Cuba. Like I mentioned above we did take a spreadsheet, some receipts, and emails between my wedding coordinator and I, but they did not ask to see it, at all! The most stressful part was that my husbands(weird to say that still, lol) luggage was 'lost' for a while. Thank god for the guys helping at the luggage pick up. I was about to have a melt down because half of our OOT bag items were in the luggage. Besides that, everything went more than smoothly! Good luck and
  2. Hi @@Kirsteen! I am getting married in Cayo Coco Cuba in 25 days! Ahhh! I am planning on bringing a whole boat load of OOT bag items with me. I am certainly hoping that I will have no issues clearing customs. I honestly hadnt thought about it until I read your post. Eeeek! I have been in contact with the on site wedding coordinator and she told me that the staff encourages brides to bring as much as they would like, so I just assumed this also meant OOT bag items??? I have complied a spreadsheet of everything that was included in the bags, and the approx cost of the items. I plan t
  3. Thank you so much for the advice. We are looking into getting stencils made. Its not that there is a lot of details on our stencil (actually just one word, Memories) its that we have to cut out the word ourselves and the other night that nearly took us an hour. If we could have a couple stencils made we are hoping we can set up an assembly line and recruit my mom for help to get them done faster. I will let you know how round 2 turns out. LOL
  4. I need your help! LOL Sean and I were working on our bags last night. We used card stock and cut out the stencil, and then used the paint pens from Micheal's. They look NOTHING LIKE YOURS!. Ugh. Our letters bled into each other and even though we put cardboard inside the bag, for some reason most of the paint bled through and stuck to the cardboard. It was a complete disaster! Do you have any advice? I just went back and caught up on your thread! Your dress looks fantastic!!
  5. I love your invites. I have been slacking the last couple of months. I have had no motivation. We just purchased a condo and are moving in August so I have been putting most of my time into that. Last night my FI and I tried to work on the design for our OOT bags. Oh man. What a fail. Back to the drawing board! We are getting married at Memories Flamenco Beach Resort in Cayo Coco.
  6. Just an idea, but what if you have your mom join you half way? In my head I am picturing your mom sitting in a chair next to the aisle and when you reach her you stop briefly and pick her up. This way you get your father- daughter moment that maybe your dad is looking forward to, but at the same time, they are both there at the end. Edit: I googled some options, because now I am thinking about how I want to go about this as well, and I found this idea on weddingwire that I thought was pretty cute. Another idea, which I incorporate all the time, is a flower ceremony for your moms. I also
  7. I love that there is another Cuba bride! I am getting married November 20 in Cayo Coco
  8. My Fi is interested in the artist parts of our wedding. If he could just go to town will all the artistic elements I think he would be in his own personal heaven. I have to keep reminding him that we are still 7 months out, and we have time to do all that stuff. In regards to everything else, he offers up his opinion from time to time. One thing I have to say is that if I directly ask him a question he will have a full conversation with me about it.
  9. @@veryvalentine I am sorry to hear about your dress! Dont fret too much. It will all work out in the end. I often question wedding dress sizes. They seem to be all over the place. I wouldnt be surprised if they took the wrong measurements or somehow managed to sew it wrong. Like you I have had a similar dream. A couple weeks ago I had a dream that something happened to my dress and I ended up walking down the aisle with pjs, a blanket over my shoulders and a pillow. In my dream my mom snatched a teddy bear from my arms moments before I walked down with my dad. LOL
  10. @@racht33 Thank you. I dont expect him to read the whole thing, on that day. I suspect it will be read over time. I am just super cheesy and thought that it would be something we could both look back on.
  11. Sean and I decided that we were not going to do gifts, but I really want to get him something small anyway. I have been writing in a day planner since Nov 20 of last year. Every day I write one thing that happened/he did/said that makes me remember why I love him. I called it 365 Reasons Why I Do. I plan on giving that to him on our wedding day, but I have also been toying with the idea of having a belt buckle made. He collects them and wears they every day. Now here is where I start to doubt my idea. Sean's father passed almost 13 years ago, and I know that it really upsets him that his dad w
  12. I love your dress and agree with what the other ladies have said
  13. In all honesty, before I got engaged and actually started planning a DW, I actually thought it would be more about someone else planning the majority of it for me. I quickly realized that obviously that is not the case, but like you I would have been perfectly happy if what I had originally pictured in my head was true. Its always been about the marriage for me, not really about the wedding. I think some people have a really hard time understanding that.
  14. I am interested to know what happens with the kids menu as well. For our dinner we only get to choose one meal for the adults, which is ok because adults are easier to please. Kids are so unpredictable that I cant see choosing one meal for all of them. One day they might like chicken fingers, and the very next day they hate them! My fiance and I actually had the same conversation about ordering from the kids menu. We are both very 'plain' eaters and all the menu options seem so fancy for us. Im not going to lie, we had to google what something was while looking at the menu. Haha.
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