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Our Dw: Dreams Riviera Cancun 17 Apr 2015

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Timeline, so far:
December 2013 - Engaged!

January - February 2014 - Trying to decide what kind of wedding we'd like to have

March - Spoke with our Travel Agent & started looking into resorts and wedding packages

April - Decided on Dreams Riviera Cancun & received confirmation letter for wedding date and package!
- Choose wedding colors
- Dress shopping

April-May - Researched & Emailed photographers

May - Booked Del Sol Photography!
- Found my "something blue" (https://www.etsy.com...ew_type=gallery)

June - Sent out Save the Dates (we did an evite Save the Date to save a little money so we could upgrade formal invitations)
- Decided on Passport Invitations & Boarding Pass postcard Reply Cards (http://weddingpassports.com/)!
- Returned to dress shop to try on the two dresses I could't get out of my head... and said "Yes to the Dress!" Private Collection 18929 (ivory)

July - Asked my sister and bestie to be my Matrons of Honor
- Mailed invitations & reply cards
- Ordered & received my barefoot sandals

....Now just waiting for the RSVPs to come in (guests have until December 30, 2014). We asked that guests book through our TA, as this will be their official RSVP (this request was included in our passport initiation). I figure this would be less stress on us, or I hope it will be.

Once we have the official number, I will start ordering OOT bags/favors.

My wedding dress should come in around November.

So, unfortunately, there isn't too much to be done between now and January because I won't receive a WC until 3 months out (that's how our resort handles weddings, and frankly, I think that is a great idea - for their sanity and having to work with brides daily). I think we are going to use the in-house photographer for our TTD session, so I will book that when everything else once we have our WC. 


OOT Ideas:

Turquoise Bubba



Magenta Bubba




Customized Chapstick




Travel-size Ibuprofen



OOT Gift Label to attach to Bubba; on the back write a thank you & welcome message




Maybe add some pepto, as well.


I'd like to give each guest a Bubba (or tumbler, we haven't decided on which cup) and fill them with OOT items. Then, attach a thank you and welcome note.


Shot glasses to double as place holders for reception? We could have them customized and bring them with us...or maybe take a taxi into town and buy them there?


Locations & Decor

Ceremony - Beach

Cocktail Hour - Jacuzzi



Reception - Deck




The coral bows add just enough color for the "wow" factor & bonus: no other decorations needed




I like this clean, crisp look for the reception since we'll be outside, but maybe coral napkins like the second picture?



Cake toppers:



Guest Book:


Unity Ceremony:

I like that this one has a cork - hopefully it would travel well back with us...and keep the sand from shifting too much












Gift for my momma - this was our book


OOT inspiration:

Especially if we do tumblers and stickers


Hair inspiration










barefoot sandals



flower for hair



earrings for rehearsal



bridal earrings



starfish earrings





hair combs





hair clip






bridal sash




luggage tag





dress hanger



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Monogrammed dress hanger


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My Wedding Dress

I said YES to the dress!

(don't mind the crease across my hips, the sample dress was only 5 sizes too big...)

Something Blue - dress label from etsy

Passport Invitations & Boarding Pass Reply Cards

Passport Invitation

Boarding Pass RSVP

Engagement Ring

2013 12 25 10.52.39

Veil Weights


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Fans - instead of flowers - more practical AND less expensive...


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Love your ideas!  and your timeline is very helpful as I am newly engaged and starting the planning process.  Thanks for sharing!

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