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  1. We stayed for a week at the resort. By the 5th day, we started to get homesick. Well at least my daughter did. Most of our guests left by the 4th day but it was really nice though. We took an additional 3 more days off from work and it was nice to have a vacation at home from our vacation.
  2. We combined our first names and added "wedding2015" as our hashtag. It would not work with my 13-letters last name, lol. Ours was #chrancywedding2015 (Chris+Nancy)
  3. Hi and congrats on your engagement! We did a symbolic ceremony in Mexico than doing a legal. It saved us an additional $1500 and we arrived 2 days before the ceremony. We legally got married 3 days before we left for Mexico. It felt so much more surreal and romantic when we had our wedding in Mexico.
  4. I had only one BM so I went ahead and paid for her hair. She didn't want her make up done so it wasn't expensive. I also gave her the option to do her hair however she liked. Since you have 5 BMs, I just tell them and provide options on how they want their hair and make up done. Hopefully from there, they know they will have to pay.
  5. I didn't know a wedding app existed. I really wanted a videographer for our wedding but it wasn't in our budget. We ended up using our GoPro camera and it was awesome seeing everything.
  6. I just Google the resort and I am definitely adding this resort to my vacation bucket list. It looks gorgeous and I can only imagine in person, it's even more wonderful
  7. ^^ This. This is is so important to me because I am Laotian. My middle and last name is the most important thing to me. It was my identity for the past 29 years. I'm so glad my husband (haha, now I can say it) is supportive either way. I am still planning on changing my last name but I am going to try to find a way to make my middle name and maiden last name fit (I'm just going to make it into two middle names). Sadly, there's a 26-character limit with the social security office and I have already hit the 27 letters. I want to try to find a way to make that happen.
  8. Haha, so adorable! I love the pictures. It was a YAY for us! Our daughter was a part of our wedding and we were so happy to include my (kid) nieces along in the wedding. They had so much fun! Although, we said after this trip...we decided we are going to do an adults-only on the next vacation.
  9. Thank you! [emoji4] The gazebo was a perfect location because we weren't too far from the beach or the restrooms. We did 10 per table (round) and everyone was able to sit down and talk with each other. We had the option of doing one huge table but I wanted the table to split so we could have room for dancing.
  10. @@pddcmc I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! You look gorgeous! Get some rest and enjoy your time off! So just going to be off-topic for a moment...When we left on Wed (April 15th), I ran into another bride at the airport. I was hoping it would be you but I wasn't sure! The possibilities, ya know? LOL. Well anyways, she was also a DW bride too. She was heading to Cancun and her wedding date was the same as ours. Her ceremony even started at 4pm (like mine!) It was just kind of neat, lol.
  11. We did not hire a videographer but instead we brought our GoPro camera. We had a few friends hold our GoPro and I was really happy with it. They were able to get our entire ceremony so I was able to watch it from when it all started till the very end. It was so nice! If you have a GoPro camera, I recommend one for your wedding. The only thing I really regret (well I completely forgot) was getting some group photos from the photographer. I forgot to get both sides of the families together for a photo. Our private reception was awesome too. I am so glad we went with it. We extended an extra hour for the reception and it ended around 9:30pm. It worked out really well and it gave our guests (who didn't stay on the resort) to hang out before their day pass expired.
  12. I would wait 2-3 months for alterations. I think they usually recommend two dress fittings so you are good!
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