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  1. Congrats! My wedding is a day after yours May 16th
  2. Hmm I can't decide on which dress I want. What do you ladies think about this one ?
  3. @@kmk2016 I tried that I got nothing : ( , let me try again. Thanks so much @@kmk2016 YES IT WORKED !!!! THANK THANK THANK YOU !!!!
  4. I have searched everywhere for this dress. Does anyone know where I can find the designer or more pics ? This is the only pic I have found on a few websites. Please help ! I love and want this dress !
  5. @helenk thanks for the info I found a really nice background , based on your infromation. I must say for a not so DIY person, I think my boarding passes turn out really nice. Now I am trying to figure out how to upload the picture.
  6. @@candle23 your dress is beautiful, but I can understand if you want to be more comfortable, it really looks great on you.
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