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Secret Santa Info!

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if you are going to participate in the secret santa gift exchange please read the following:

  • gift to be approx. $20-25 in value
  • To make YOUR santas life easier please give her a clue as to what your likes and dislikes are.
  • then PM me your full name and mailing address. I will compile them and forward them to Janet when she gets back from her wedding.


  • by now you should have received a PM from janet with the name and address of the person yo are getting a gift for. if not, email her or me.
  • this isn't mandatory but we can do a coordinated gift opening on sat.. Dec. 23rd between 4-8PST.

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i love:

  • starbucks
  • cooking
  • cute socks
  • gourmet chocolates/candies from local chocolatiers
  • to learn how to knit

i don't love:

  • perfumey smelling things
  • bathroom toiletries (have too many)
  • chotchkies


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I love...




warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows, etc.)

things from other countries

Funky jewelry (except I can't wear "fake" metals)


Celebrity gossip magazines (I stole this one from someone else)

Games to play with friends at parties


I don't like...


heavily perfumed items (bothers my nose)

modern furniture or decor

Food (well I defintiely like food but i don't want any treats)

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I like:

  • T-shirts from a specific destination (things like Hard Rock Cafe, famous restaurants, travel locations, etc...Every time I travel somewhere I buy t-shirts) Size M
  • books & reading
  • knitting
  • scrapbooking
  • wild socks (I wear plain blue scrubs at work- this lets me still "express myself")
  • candles (not floral smells)

I don't like:

  • knick knacks
  • misc. bathroom stuff- soap, lotions (I have a graveyard of this stuff already)

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In love with:



Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts

Candles (warm scents like banana bread, apple pies, etc)

Comfy Anything (fuzzy socks, soft tee shirts (m), funky winter gloves)


Not so much:


Floral Scents

Knick Knacks

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I like:

Books (anything but horror)

Coffee (starbucks)


Ball Ornaments (this will be our first xmas tree)

trendy jewelry



I dont like:

knick knacks


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I like:


*Candles (white, green or dark blue)

*Holiday decorations (Santa, snowmen, or kid tree Ornaments)

*White fleece throw banket

*Holiday theme, serving platter

*Monogramed hand towel (with either a "B" or CBT) (would be cute to put out after we are married)



Don't really need:



*Bathroom stuff (I have so much of it)

*socks/slippers (I'm super picky about this type of stuff)

*food of any kind



A little bit about us as a couple:


*We both enjoy snowboarding, surfing, inline skating & mountain biking

*We do rescue/foster work for Boston Terriers

*Were still in the process of decorating our first home together, our favorite stores are: Pottery Barn, West Elm, Pier One or Target

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I love:


candles ("fall" colors)

unique picture frames

warm, comfy clothing (i live in the coooold midwest!)



spa stuff (getting pedicures is how i treat myself!)


I don't love:

cheesy knick knacks

christmas ornaments (i never have a tree, travel too much ... but someday)

overly perfume-y stuff (soaps, lotions, etc.)

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I Love...


-anything to do with the beach ( I am a total beachbum)

-candels (not floral but citrusy)

-Coffee Coffee

-Magazines (wedding or am totally addicted to those trashy magazines such as Life and Style or In Touch)

-Victoria's Secret Pink collection, we dont have one in Canada sad.gif I love their socks or tank tops or those cute boxers, there around $15-$20 (size Small)


Don't Like so Much


Lotions and potions (as most of you I have too many)

No Sweets please I'm trying to watch my figure

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