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Neat idea: honoring the mothers

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I actually love this idea. .. but I would do it little different. I would present a flower to my Mother in Law and he would present it to my mom.  Find the right wording to thank our mothers for having us so that we are now united as one etc.. . (In my culture you call your mother in law Mom after the wedding).   hope this makes sense..

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OK! I FINALLY found some information on how to get this to work! I found that some couples present the momâ€s with roses after they light the unity candle. So, since my FI and I are doing a sand ceremony, we are going to do it right after that. We are going to have the officant say something and hand my FI and I the roses and we are going to present them to our momâ€s. The only thing I am debating is if each of us are going to present both momâ€s with a rose (each mom would get 2 roses) or we just present a rose to our own mom. I have some sample wording below and I am going to get my officantâ€s opinion on the wording too. Hope this helps!

Honoring the wonderful women in your lives with a rose presentation is simple and beautiful. Before the ceremony, select a long stemmed rose for each mother/grandmother/person to be honored and tie a ribbon on the stem. Place the roses on the alter near the unity candle. Usually during the lighting of the unity candle, a special song is played or sung by a soloist. After the bride and groom light the Unity candle together, they each pick up the roses and take them back to where their mothers are sitting. The Groom presents his rose to his mother while the Bride presents to her mother, along with a hug and a kiss. The bride and groom then meet in the center and walk back up to the alter together, where they hold hands facing each other while the song finishes.

"We open this ceremony with a symbolic gift of beauty and gratitude to the women who gave the bride and groom life---their mothers."

(I then give the roses to the bride and groom who then present them to their mothers with a hug and kiss. Sometimes, as they embrace I have heard a bride or groom whisper in their mother's ear , "I love you, Mom.")

I give them that quiet moment and then say in my officiant's voice:

"Mothers, it is in your honor that I offer this quote from Homer's Hymns:

It is she who nourished you

she, out of her treasures.

Beautiful children

beautiful harvests

are achieved from you,

the giving of life itself.

Officiant: (names of the couple) will present roses to their mothers. The roses symbolize the love and respect they have for the women who raised them.
Officiant: (names of the couple) wish now to honor their mothers through the presentation of roses.
Officiant: By presenting their parents with roses, (names of the couple) wish to honor their heritage and thank their families for their love and support.


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Originally Posted by Christa View Post


I just saw this on superweddings.com & thought it was the most touching thing:


Click the image to open in full size. Unique Wedding Idea: Every bride is looking for unqiue ideas and special ways to make her wedding more meaningful. Here is a wonderful and very touching idea to honor the two mothers at the wedding ceremony. But be certain to have lots of hankies on hand because this is guaranteed to tear up the eyes of everyone present...

Ask your floral designer to design two detachable floral sprays into your bouquet. After your father walks you down the aisle, just before he turns to leave you and take his seat, remove one of the special flowers from your bouquet. Hand it to him and give him a kiss. Let him know in advance that this will take place and tell him that as he takes his seat in the pew with your mother, he is to present the flower to her on your behalf.

Then at the conclusion of the ceremony, as you begin to make your way back up the aisle as husband and wife, stop at the pew where your mother-in-law is seated. Remove the second special flower from your bouquet and present it to her, along with a kiss, before continuing up the aisle.

Don't tell the moms in advance that this will be taking place! It is the element of surprise which helps to make this so very sweet and special. There will not be a dry eye in the room...


I love this idea.I really wanted to  borrow this on a wedding day. It's so sweet.


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