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  1. Does anyone know the email contact to book dinners at the a la carte restaurants? Thanks!
  2. Happy Travels and Happy Wedding FleetMac Bride! I will be joining you in Jamaica soon!!!!
  3. Congrats!!! Wow, I have to say your pictures turned out amazing. I love your dress, it was so flattering and yes I agree your picture in the pool is incredible. Thanks for the review! Best!
  4. Tekeya I love the colours! they are similar to mine! Does anyone know how many approximately they seat per table for the reception so i can make a seating plan??
  5. Are the mosquitos bad all year? I am getting married end of November and absolutely cannot stand mosquitos!
  6. Congrats! Jealous....can't wait for it to be my turn. Have a great time!
  7. thats a good question. I am also curious... I was planning on using the steel drum band for the ceremony and was wondering if anyone knows what songs they typically play? thanks!
  8. We got the long form birth certificates and got them notarized because there seems to be different information everywhere and I just didnt want to take a chance. It was a pain in the butt but I know there won't be any issues!
  9. I have also requested dolce vita also. I would prefer to have privacy and I am sure the food will be great everywhere!
  10. Firstly, Congrats on becoming a MRS!!! Second I am so sorry to hear about all the obstacles you faced. I am planning to bring somethings with me and do a sand ceremony so I will defintely recruit someone to handle those things. I like your pro and con listed! I am not going to bother booking the dj or bar. We were planning on doing the steel drums as well but I am a little nervous that we will run into the same troubles as you did. Did you have to pay in advance??
  11. mekanabr everything looks so beautiful! Congrats!! I am glad everything went so well. Thank you for all your feedback and pictures. I was wondering if you had to bring all your own chair sashes and fabric to decorate the gazebo? My colours are exactly the same and I wanted to know if I needed to bring these things with me or if the resort had those colours. thanks!
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