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  1. We booked five excursions and the guests signed up in advance and we had several sign up last minute as well. We did palo verde which was a very long day but it was excellent and Amy also arranged a school visit for us as we brought lots of school supplies. We had 17 ppl on that trip. The big trip of the week was the miravalles tour with zip lining, local lunch, horseback riding and hot springs. We had 27 ppl on that trip and everyone loved it! The third trip was a beach tour. Only six ppl went on that trip as it was the day after the wedding. They took their time and only saw two beaches and the reviews were mixed. On one day we had two different trips, one group went white water rafting (10ppl) and we had a great tour. The type of rapids depend on what time of year you go. The second group went to Nicaragua (16ppl). It was a very long day which was full of tours and stops. I would say ppl either loved it or found it too long but all felt it was an experience. Hope that helps, amyis great at personalizing the tours and helping to figure out what will work for your group.
  2. Im getting married near Tamarindo and am using Cristina Coronas. I have included her information below. She has been very reasonable and easy to work with so far. I priced out a few and she was the most reasonable. Cristina Coronas
  3. My fiance and I are getting married at the Riu Guanacaste in November 2011 and decided one of our gifts to the bridal party was going to be an excursion. I just wanted to share the great experience we've had so far with Avispas Adventures in the Guanacaste area. Amy is the owner (american) and Jose (Costa Rican) and they have made the experience easy! They have set up a schedule of excursions for our entire group to jump in on if they wish and it will only be private tours which is great for the 'feel' and 'vibe we are looking for! Anyone looking for excursions for yourself or the whole group I would recommend Avispas Adventures...www.avispasadventures.com. Thanks
  4. My dress has swarovski crystals so these flowers are a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I love the flowers on the etsy site! Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Hadn't even given this a whole lot of thought yet! Thanks for the great ideas, I'll be sure to post my list once ready!
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