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BDW Wedding Webinar: NOW Jade & NOW Sapphire Resorts March 24 @ 9:00am PST

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Hello and congrat

s to my fellow Now Brides!  I have a wedding date confirmed at the Now Jade for May 18, 2013.  A little ahead of the curve, but I honestly couldn't imagine plannign a destination wedding ith any less time.  I have been corresponding directly with the resort and have had many questions answered so far, but the following have not been asked yet:


Based on resort availability, is a complimentary room provided or available for the groom?


Are cocktail hour locations private wedding events during their scheduled time?


Per the wedding planning form, the Ocean Terrace set-up provides rectangular tables that accommodate 8, 12, 16, or 20 people. Please provide the dimensions of these tables?


Is there a limit to the number of guest not staying at the resort that can attend the wedding? There is no reference to this questions on the website or in any of the documentation provided to me.


Are items interchangeable between the Eternity Menu 1 and Menu 2? Example: can I choose the first and second course from Menu 1 and the third and fourth course from Menu 2?


Can I offer my guests the choice between entrees (third course) if I know exactly how many of  each will be required when I submit the wedding planning form?


That's it for now, I'm sure more will follow in the upcoming weeks.



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Hi! Looking forward to learning more, I've been hearing good things about the NOW resorts. 




Group rates for guests?


Complimentary upgrades? I have seen a lot of hotels give 4 or 5 room upgrades to the couple to give out. 


Outside Photographer costs? Do they just need a day pass? 


Are certain packages covered based on the number of rooms your book?


Thank you!! 

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I'm  looking forward to the BDW NOW Sapphire/Jade seminar! I have a question with regards to the photographer.  If we are using the resort photographer, but would like to add on photographer services, how is the rate calculated?  What exactly is included in the Divine package? I  understand the number of photographs that we will receive, but I want to know specifically when the photographer will be available.  Does this include getting ready, ceremony and post ceremony pictures? How long does the photographer stay with us?



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I am also looking forward to seeing what this hotel has to offer.  I just got engaged last week so we are looking at the end of march next year if that's even open, i hope!! 

I was looking at the packages which are very respectable, but I was wondering:


Can we have more than 25 guests? I have a large family, I want to keep the options open if possible and if so how much per person? 


Is there an open bar prior to the wedding?


What benefits are there for my guests to stay at your hotel vs. another?  What do you get with an all inclusive resort like yours?


Is there a shuttle to/from the airport to the hotel?


Not seeing these two resorts, what makes the two of them distinct?


Thanks so much!!



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I would also like to know the table dimensions for the ocean front terrace?


Can I bring paper lanterns to hang in the ocean front terrace?


How long before wedding should I make my spa appointment for hair and makeup?




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Originally Posted by Cheerios View Post


That's great with all the goodies we'll be getting:) I am also with Theresa and my weeding is on July 21,2012! Can't wait!


Teresa is GREAT!  Our agents have a great relationship with NOW resorts.

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my questions

1) I would like to find out if cantoya balloons/sky lanterns are allowed, I was told no, but they did it during new year's eve.

2) I am interested in finding out the prices of fireworks or the fire show?

3) I am having the reception in the bamboo room and I know of another bride having her reception in the terrace at the same time. I understand that both venues are only separated by glass doors, so how would both receptions be held without the music disrupting each other?

4)Are there any other chairs during the ceremony? benches? plain chairs? I really do not like the white covers or the sashes..



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I am very excited to attend the webinar!  I'm currently creating a one stop resource for brides having their wedding at the NOW Jade and this will be very helpful!


I have a question about the Devine Package.  It says it includes an upgraded photography package.  What does that include?

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