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  1. I just got married May 6th at the Now Jade and this is what I was allowed to substitute out. I changed the live music at ceremony for 2 hours of DJ time. I got an outside photographer for the wedding and could not trade the package photography for anything. So I used the photography in the package at the reherasal for family pictures. They ended up giving me a total of 33 pictures with no extra charge. I brought my own flowers so I traded my bouqet for an extra centerpiece at the reception. What I got from all my converstaions with Pilar is that they can change things out if they are related to one another. I gave my guest the choice of food as well but forgot to ask on the invite. I ended up emailing everyone or calling to see what they wanted it and it was fine. I had 34 people. I was supposed to have the Mahi Mahi and Beef but they were out of Mahi Mahi so they gave all guest who ordered fish the option of Tuna, Swordfish or Grouper. It was handled excellently. BTW the favorite was the Tuna steak.....it was all the talk the next day.
  2. I had my wedding the now jade and my honeymoon at the now sapphire......in my mind now jade beats out the sapphire in every aspect. Not that the sapphire wasn't nice...it was. but the Jade is so much nicer and the wedding locations are not even comparable. the entire time we were at the sapphire my husband kept asking to go back to the Now Jade
  3. Just got married at the Now Jade on 5/6/12. Everything was amazing! Will post my offical review and planning thread later this week. Outside photographer.....I went with Photos in Cancun. Derek and Lorena were hands down the best decision I made. "Worth every penny" says my cheap a$$ husband Not only did we walk away with 2200 pictures but they also helped us through every part of the day. They helped us know how to cute the cake, make a time line for day, communicate with my hair dresser....they list goes on and on. I used the resort photographer the night before for family pictures and they do a nice job as well. Sort of hard to communicate with and i didn't get a whole lot of say in my editing choices. If I had to do it all over again and could only spluge in one area it would be the photography.
  4. I would also like to know the table dimensions for the ocean front terrace? Can I bring paper lanterns to hang in the ocean front terrace? How long before wedding should I make my spa appointment for hair and makeup?
  5. I am also using paper lanterns. I am buying the battery operated lights for them. if you go to www.paperlanternstore.com they have them on there.
  6. Just a heads up for everyone..... My wedding is May 6th 2012. Since last May I have been working with Ana Marie. Last week I sent her an email and she never answered ( unlike her , shes been pretty decent to work with). Then Saturday I recieved an email from Pilar reminding me to make my spa appointment. I decided to ask why she was emailing me and come to find out Ana Marie NO longer works for the Now Jade and Pilar will be my wedding planner now. So if you have Ana I would be emailing Pilar to find out whats going on with your wedding. My only fear is that Pilar won't know the add ons and changes I have made with Ana Marie. Lets cross our fingers it all works out okay!
  7. I am going for the whole vintage look at my at home reception with mason jars, burlap, mercury glass and corks. But as for taking things down with me I am bringing burlap table runners to mexico with lace edges, all kinds of mercury glass votives that I DIYed and all of my flowers are blush and white and cream colored.
  8. I have looked into excursions because future hubby is all about deep sea fishing. If you do a google search for fishing in Puerto Morelos you will get tons of options. Price wise I found the following up to 6 people btw $350-500 up to 8 ppl btw $400-650 up to 10 ppl btw $450-800 up to 12 ppl btw $500-900 It sounds like all you have to do is take a taxi to town and find the right dock. My mom and I were there last May and its a really small town that basically consists of a few shops and mostly fishing. I don't think it will be hard at all. The taxi cab ride only cost us $20 dollars and $10 to go back and that was from the Secrets Silversands which was further away from town then Now Jade. While the boys are fishing I think the girls are going to go snorkeling. Because the reef is a national park you have to go out with a guide to snorkle. From the different companies I have found it was about 30 dollars a person which includes equpiment and lunch. on another note my wedding is only 68 days out! Holy crap! We have 34 people booked and I couldn't be more pleased how everything is shaping up!
  9. I am all signed up! Getting married 5/6/12 at the Now Jade and could not be more excited !
  10. We decided to offer two different main courses. All other courses will be same for everyone. Ana said as long as I gave her the number of each main course before hand there will be no extra charge. I was afraid to offer to many options because people usually forget and want something else by the time we get there.
  11. Getting Married May 6th 2012 ! Here is what I have so far. Package: Divine Ceremony: Pergola Cocktail Hour: Mix Bar Reception: Ocean View Terrace My photographer is Derek and Lorena with Photos In Cancun. I'm using the photographer in the package the night before for family pictures on the beach as a gift to my guests. I did switch out the music at the cocktail for partial DJ time. I am paying the difference in price. I decided to go with Real Touch flowers. I swapped my bouquet for an extra centerpiece. For dinner I wanted to give my guests the option of two entrees. All other courses are the same. Ana said as long as I sent her how many of each ahead of time we should have no issues or extra cost. Hoping to get everything else figured out in the next two weeks or so. I am planning a full out reception at home two weeks after our wedding so need to get at least this part done early
  12. I was wondering the same thing about the symbolic ceremony wording. We are making it legit as well. In fact only a few people actually know that it isn't. I have found some good ceremony's online and plan on using one of them if they don't already have one down there.
  13. The photographer that I am using in May is Photos in Cancun. Super excited about it...seems like they do many weddings at the Now Jade. Anybody else using them?
  14. I'm using photos in cancun as well and am extermely excited about them. Have been very helpful and responsive. An all day package was $2000 with rights to the images. Coming from Chicago that price is almost unheard of. Please let us know how they do at your wedding in Dec. Thats so close im so jealous!
  15. I was told that I would only have to pay a day pass for the photographer.
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