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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by martap7 Yes it is from tigard did u get this same one? If so what undergarments did u use? I'm having trouble with something giving me good book support :/ Oh no, I didn't get the same dress. Sorry that was confusing! Try using those "sticky chicken cutlets". I've used those before in other dresses and they worked well. Not sure what your cup size is but if it's not too large, they may work. I'd ask your seamstress for suggestions.
  2. Pretty dress! Was this in Tigard? I got my dress from the Tigard Bridal Exclusives. They did a really good job altering the neckline on mine.
  3. NO!!! Keep it! It's gorgeous!!!!! It truly is beautiful. You're having dress regret, I had that too! My dress is the San Patrick Rivoli which is somewhat similar. Mermaid lace, not beachy at all. Once I tried it on again I fell in love just like the first time! I think when family isn't 100% on board, it makes us rethink our choices. My family was the same but in the end, it's your wedding and you need to love your dress, not your family. You don't want to regret not picking the dress you loved in 20 years! Be confident in your pick! Hope everything works out well!
  4. I was thinking the same thing! It has so much more movement without the bling on the bottom. I think a belt would look wonderful!
  5. Choco, I want to see more pics of your dress since we have the same one! Your profile pic is stunning!!!
  6. Pretty! I'd love to see what it looks like on. Absolutely stunning!
  7. You can buy paper lantern lights on the Internet but they are a little speedy. We are going to make our own. I can't remember what they are called but look pretty easy to make and are much cheaper. Ill look around and post the link tomorrow if I can remember!
  8. Did you see the pic of my belt on my San Patrick Rivoli? I seriously thought this was my dress! I planned on doing my natural waist but my friend and I decided a little lower was more flattering. I'd be happy to text you pics of both on my dress if you want a comparison!
  9. I think because khaki and ivory are both neutral it'll match well. Most dresses are not super dark. Mine in ivory above and you can see it's fairly light but not the bright white most dresses come in. I say pick what you want! White or ivory will look nice!
  10. Thank you so much! Not being a tiny girl I was a little worried but it's very slimming! I totally agree with the anything goes motto. I've had so many unnecessary opinions on having to buy a beachy dress. Some are amazing but didn't fit my vintage look I was going for! Thanks for the sweet comments!
  11. I've been seeing a lot of people talk about "dress regret" and feeling funny about getting a non beachy wedding dress. I obviously went for a more vintage look, not a beachy dress at all. I was so worried that it would be too fancy and not work for a beach wedding. I finally let go of that and just went with what my heart wanted. I bought this San Patrick Rivoli and loved it at the time. I bought the sample so I've had it since the day I found it. A month later I started getting dress regret and feeling nervous I paid a lot of money for something I wouldn't end up liking. I bought this belt for around $50 from Glory's House and hoped it would work since I was NOT going to spend $300 on a darn belt! I tried on the dress again with the belt last night and realized that I was being silly and LOVED my dress! I think I love it more now than the day I bought it! For you all that are having second thoughts, go try on your dress again! I'm sure you will love it just as much as I did the second time!
  12. What kind of coral decor will you have available in June?
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