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  1. Be aware that a kraft paper bag can't double for a pool bag since it will get mushy and rip if wet. That's why I went with VistaPrint bags too...guests loved them and used them daily at the pool for their things and brought them on excursions etc. Highly recommend.
  2. We brought our own mini lights for the bamboo wall. I picked a few packaged up (from the floral dept at my grocery store of all places!) and just told Pilar to use them however they thought looked best. I attached a couple pictures to show you: 1st picture shows bamboo lighting - these were just the battery operated strands (didn't realize till I got there that I had 2 "cool blue" and 3 "bright white" lights but I was so happy I didn't mind) The bamboo wall already has some natural lighting in it (see 2nd picture for this). The 3rd picture shows the room with the lighting (standard from Now Jade) with our little lights on the bamboo. No uplighting or extra costs. Oh and those are battery operated candles in our luminairies for table decor, they were more for ambiance and decoration than actual lighting but the effect was very pretty and romantic. *** Huge praise to my photographer SweetFire Photography (from Mexico) for her awesome skills - the top two pictures are taken by guests (pre-reception) and the last photo is by SweetFire, as you can see she works magic with her use of light and colour! ***
  3. We used the guitar player for the cocktail hour - he was fantastic. He played a mix of music and everyone enjoyed him. We didn't provide any guidance or requests for what he played - just said to do the usual for weddings. He is very talented and plays some of his own music and does covers too. We missed most of the cocktail hour for photos but what I heard sounded wonderful (and he gifted us a CD of his as a wedding present which is also quite nice). We had many positive comments about how he made the cocktail hour really special.
  4. Thanks - we loved the look too - helped to make it feel really romantic. We made them ourselves - super simple and easy to pack! I purchased vellum paper from staples and printed them on my home PC (with our names, date and starfish we used throughout wedding). We packed them flat in a file folder for protection and then once we got to the resort we rolled them and used glue dots to secure them into the cylinder shape and placed over the tea light (battery operated). The cost was very minimal, it was easy to do, wasn't hard to pack and took no space in the luggage not to mention we had so many compliments on them! Here is a better picture to see what we did.
  5. No up lighting - just used what they have plus luminaries for centerpiece decor (that's what you see glowing on the tables). Plus we had a FAB photographer to capture shots like this!!
  6. I was going to bring my own lanterns but it just didn`t happen prior to leaving for Mexico. I had told Pilar I was bringing them so she asked for them to set up, I told her not to worry about it since it wasn`t a priority but Pilar was able to get some and surprised me by adding them to the Bamboo Room for us. You can see from this picture we had about 9-10 and it looked great! They were in 2 or 3 different sizes but I`m not sure what the dimensions were. The room is beautiful so it will look great with or with out lanterns tho
  7. We had the Divine package and did not pay to upgrade the cake but got a three tier cake for our 35 guests. I think the 3 tier is the standard unless you discuss something else?
  8. This is for the complimentary/Your Moments package. It is included in the other two packages.
  9. Just to put it out there - we stayed at Jade in February and we didn't have any issues with illness...as a matter of fact several of my guests made a point to say how often they saw the bar staff bringing fresh bag loads of clean drinks to the bars at the pool. It is kind of funny actually to watch them carry giant clear bag with hundreds of cups stacked in them as they march around the resort with several bags at a time dropping them off. We also provided travel mugs to guests but after the first few days when the novelty wore off most people had switched to using resort glasses. I know you all want your wedding week to be perfect and I just want to assure you it will be - your guests will be blown away by the resort. I know it's hard to put faith in something/someone without being there to oversee all the details leading up to the day but the resort staff works so hard to make everything amazing I really think in the end you will regret feeling so much anxiety over something that goes so wonderfully. I really recommend taking a step back from the TripAdvisor reviews - even with a grain of salt I think they just bring on undue stress and fear. I LOVED my entire Now Jade experience - would go back in a heartbeat (and so would my guests: 2 have & 2 have trips planned for this fall) but I haven't posted a review to TripAdvisor to share my experience (just been too busy being a newlywed I guess). One of my guests did point out a review on TripAdvisor that was written for the same travel dates we had and the reviewer complained about juice not being fresh (untrue), not having enough glasses at the buffet (again untrue, or it they ran out it would be 2 minutes until a waiter would bring you one, not the end of the world) and that the restaurants were closed more often than not (definitely misleading, yes not all restaurants are open each night, but depending on resort capacity and/or special events usually only 1-2 were closed). So it really goes to show - those who have a positive experience don't necessarily think to write a review, whereas those who want to complain are quick to jump on the band wagon. Hopefully this helps calm some frazzled nerves
  10. We ordered hawaiian light grey (x 5) for our wedding this past February (I think we ordered about mid-November)...if it wasn't in the swatches I would guess it maybe due to low/no stock available. I know when we ordered our samples last summer one of the beige's had a note that explained it was low in stock. That being said I don't know how long until the stock is replenished, maybe you could contact customer service? Also I remember a bride on here did use the tropical gray and it looked very nice (maybe a bit more formal as it is darker), so you could check out her pictures as a back-up option.
  11. I don't know for sure but I would guess you could arrange a private event for an additional fee.
  12. The resort offers tequilla tastings, cigar rolling, cooking classes, sushi rolling, mixology lessons etc every afternoon. It changes daily but yes they have offer activities like that as well as the usual pool games (zumba, v-ball etc) and land activities (beach v-ball, yoga etc). The entertainment team works very hard to ensure people are having fun!
  13. Yup - Lori is amazing! Very creative especially with her use of light and colour.
  14. Just wanted to give a reference to my amazing photographer Lori Lemieux of SweetFire Photography. We used her this past February at Now Jade and were blown away - she went above and beyond (arrived early, stayed late, provided almost 150 extra photos). We constantly get comments about looking like the pictures should be in a magazine. You can PM me if you want more dets Below are a few of my favs (hard to pick just 3!)
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