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  1. Hi Brides and brides to be, Does anyone know if we can have a free welcome party for my friends and family a day or two before the wedding?? We weren't going to do a rehearsal dinner, just wanted everyone to get together. I've seen it on a thread but can't seem to find it. Anyone that has heard this let me know, simple drinks, reserve a corner of the lobby or something like that with easy food like chips/dip.....Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi Tleege I saw you had on the post about setting up my hair 45 days ahead, is that if you don't have a package deal?? If so I am a couple days away and a little worried. How do i call and do this?? My mom and I were going to practice my hair here and take a picture.... Thanks!! NOW Jade_webinarSM.pdf
  3. Kim, just wondering, who did your photography???
  4. I'm sorry i missed this, but when are you having your wedding?? I'm super excited, still going with the eternity package, IPOD, etc... looking forward to it. What are your plans?? Good luck!!!
  5. Hi ladies, I'm going to be getting married May 6, 2013. Does anyone have a preference on photographers?? We may just stay with the package deal but if we do can we add on to the package?? I saw a previous brides pics and they were good and I would go with them if they are reasonable. Thanks in advance!!! Cortney
  6. shannon thanks for your thoughts on the photographer. I'm not super picky, just the costs from the outside photographers were fairly expensive. Also I was referring to the thing you stand under when you get married, can't remember exact name. They gave an option of flowers vs. bamboo to use. Wasn't sure if that was extra or not.
  7. Just wanted to find out what chairs I will have and if we get a trelace (sp) for the ceremony or thats extra? we are getting the Now to Eternity package. Haven't heard from pilar in a while. Thanks so much if you have the time...
  8. You are absolutely beautiful!! we are doing the now to eternity package as well in May. Was there anything I should be aware of in regards to extra things I should add in that aren't in the package and what you liked/disliked! Thanks and congratulations!!
  9. Hey ladies, Just checking in to see if we have a choice of what to use for bamboo vs. a floral overhang during the ceremony. Is this extra? It was on the sheet to choos and wasn't sure if it was part of the eternity package. Also does Pilar help you with selecting your times for the wedding to run through? This too was on the sheet and no idea how to make this run. Has anyone just done the hotels photographer? We are debating about doing the photographer there or save our money. Can we give our thoughts on flowers for bouquets?? or is just whats in the pictures? Appreciate any advice and help!! Thank you!!
  10. Photography captures so much of life and this is one of the biggest days of our lives as it is such an important aspect of the wedding. What better way to make our marriage even more perfect as to have great pictures to reminisce. It will also allow us to share with those who weren't able to attend as I wish they were all there. I also can't wait to use mother nature as our back drop, you can't ask for a better setting!!
  11. Hi Everyone, Just checking in to see how everyone is doing with the wedding planning with NOW Jade. Yesterday we decided on this hotel. Now we are working on how we should invite guests and what package to go with. We first thought the Moments packet would be good as we wanted it simple, go with the buffet and maybe rent out a private room. No bridesmaids, etc....Than we thought they came all this way a dinner might be more appropriate. Has anyone gone with just the eternity package and been happy with it?? We want to kind of keep the costs within reason and not spend much on extra such as a DJ, etc....or extra decorations. Does anyone suggest things that are must haves and what we can talk to Pilar about maybe cutting back so we can have the wonderful dinner celebration. We are having a reception at home, so again we wanted to keep it simple in a sense. Thanks for any suggestions, so far everyone has been so helpful!!! Cortney
  12. Hi Dana, are you using a package deal or are you going with individual prices?? I attempted that and became extremely expensive fast. Just wondering also, not that I'll have 45 people, but what did they start charging per person following 25 alotted for the Divine package? I like the set up of that package or maybe the one before that and add in a photographer. Anything you have to offer is much appreciated!! Cortney
  13. Which package did you go with?? Did you just do item to item?? That seems awefully expensive. IS there any option you recommend?? i'm debating about music as the cost is somewhat high for not being part of the divine package. Does the guitarist only play for the wedding ceremony or at dinner?? Thanks if you happen to see this....Cortney =)
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