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  1. Thank you!! Love the gray and yellow color scheme! Unfortunately, I don't remember what brand they are but I know I bought them off of Amazon and they were very reasonably priced Yellow shoes are super fun, I loved how they looked in pics. We also bought all of the groomsmen yellow and grey argyle socks!
  2. Right after being introduced as Mr. and Mrs! Love how hubby is looking at his ring
  3. Has he spoke to his girlfriend about what rings she may like? I think he can at least get an idea of the type of ring she is looking for without actually taking her shopping. Or, have someone (maybe you or a good girlfriend of the bride-to-be) try and ask her what she likes. Does she have any sisters? I'm sure they might have an idea of what she likes or could at least get it out of her without being too obvious. I think the idea you mentioned is interesting but I'm personally not a huge fan. Does he have to pick the rings out online? I would highly recommend that he sees the ring i
  4. Something Old: I wore a ring from my great-grandmother Something New: My wedding dress Something Borrowed: I borrowed my mom's garter from her wedding day - so special! Something Blue: My 'Something Old' and 'Something Borrowed' both had blue in them
  5. It's always been my understanding that the women's name goes first until you are married. My name was first on our Save the Dates, wedding website, return address stamp, etc. Now that we're married, I always put his name first
  6. I wish I could go back, it is sooo beautiful! I'm sure you know that they are currently remodeling so some rooms and restaurants are closed, but it should be complete by your wedding AND you'll get to enjoy the newly designed rooms which will be amazing. Like I said above, the resort is surrounded by water... every direction you look you see the ocean. Can't get much better than that! I went to both the Stables Beach and the Kuilima Cove, both amazing locations. The one thing about the beach is that if it's high tide, they may not be able to do a ceremony there. However, they al
  7. Hi! In case you have any questions, I just started a new thread here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/85106/turtle-bay-resort-brides-post-here. I got married in Santa Barbara in 2011, but I took a site tour at Turtle Bay and met with their wedding coordinator. Turtle Bay is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to get back there soon!
  8. Hi BDW Brides! I just got back from a lovely vacation at Turtle Bay Resort and thought I should start a thread for all of our Turtle Bay brides! If you are thinking about getting married in Hawaii, Turtle Bay Resort will not disappoint! The resort is on a tip of land so EVERY single room has an ocean view. Our room overlooked the pool on the west side of the resort. They are currently going through a remodel (which wasn't a problem at all during our visit) and all of the rooms should be complete by Spring this year! I was lucky enough to meet with Pura who took me on a t
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