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Rainas Wedding Pictures

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I'm back and all I can say is WOW! Everything turned out better than I could have ever expected (and I have high expectations)! I am in the process of writing a detailed review of all of my vendors, but will tell you I wasn't disappointed by anyone.


Quickly, best money spent was on Blanca as coordinator, Bradley Fraser, The Twins, oops, how could I forget the fire dancers (also, Blanca only charged me $1225 for the $1500 group)


Biggest wastes of money, cigar roller, "lounge" set up from Fun & Motivation, having the Hive come and do my hair and makeup (it was so windy, I could have saved myself the $300 and done it myself, not that they did a bad job)


Bradley is amazing and actually posted some of my photos on his website because he heard my hubby and I talking about it. The link is http://www.cabophotography.com/brides/raina-henri


I have about 600 pictures, so I will go through and post some of the best ones!

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Bradley is amazing - you won't be disappointed! Three of my friends got married within the last year and had very high end photographers and ended up not happy with their pictures. I love just about every single picture he took! He just really captures the moment and blends right in! I wanted him to stay and have drinks with us when he was finished! He got the cds with our pictures to us before we left and actually sent me a picture the next day!

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