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  1. Hi! Wow, I haven't been on the forum in forever. We did the legal ceremony in Texas about a week before the wedding. We didn't want to do the blood work or have any hassle about it here. See link below for many pictures of the church taken during my Oct 2006 wedding. I found the church simple and beautiful. It did get a little hot (no AC), but was not unbearable. Father Juvencio gave such a beautiful homily. It set such a great tone. My husband and I were so pleased and our guests raved about it. He even gave us a typed/signed version of it to take home. We were touched by his thoughtfulness. He can be slow to respond to e-mails at times but he always did respond. http://www.eickwedding.shutterfly.com
  2. Great review. We had the bonfire with s'mores set-up after our wedding. Our guests RAVED about it! I think some stayed out there until 4AM - craziness. I think you'll be happy with the Hilton. Like everywhere else, you do have to stay on top of them with details and costs. Get everything in writing and keep copies. Don't be afraid to push back either.
  3. Kash, you looked stunning. Your dress, veil, and flowers in your hair were perfect!!! I can see why Dan was so impressed! He looked pretty great in his suit too. I liked the beginning with his sunglasses. The fireworks were perfect - lucky you! Great video!!!
  4. Hi Kashmira! Congrats on your wedding! I'm glad it went well despite the Hilton problems. I'm sorry to hear about the shady cost issues. I'm interested to hear about your Dad resolved the bill. I hope the honeymoon was GREAT!
  5. I had an evening reception at the Hilton. We had candles and they provided some lighting. There was good atmosphere, not too bright, not too dim.
  6. I got married at the Catholic church in San Jose on 10/28/06. It IS true that our church in the US had to send Padre Juve Gonzalez (the priest) a letter saying we working on our marriage requirements before we could book the church. You CAN bring in outside music, but I think you need approval from Padre Juve. We used a group that he recommended (vocalist, harp, guitar, etc.) and our music was great. You can PM me if you have more questions. Good luck.
  7. You can see pictures of my Hilton wedding at: http://www.eickwedding.shutterfly.com/action/ Pictures at the Hilton include the following albums: Wedding_Getting Ready Wedding_On the Way to Church Wedding_Bride Groom Hilton Pics Wedding_Family Pics Wedding_Beach Wedding Party Pics Wedding_Reception Congrats on choosing Hilton and good luck with your wedding!
  8. do it before in the USA. it's so much easier to avoid any legal issues. the judge who married us said he'd heard too many stories of complications of legality after people get married in mexico and weren't on top of everything.
  9. beautiful! i want to see more full length pictures of your dress, the part i can see so far is so pretty. i really liked your hair and the flower in it. it looked perfect and beachy.
  10. just beautiful! i don't know how much it cost, but it was worth every penny. you'll look stunning coming AND going! that bustle at the back is awesome. i agree that your back looks great in it. the neckline and cleavage is sexy, but not too much. the lace detail is gorgeous and will photograph so well. i can't wait to see the pictures of your wedding day!
  11. I'm glad to help. Prices have probably gone up since then (don't they all?), but it's a worthwhile place to do current research. Good luck with your decision.
  12. I was thinking about it recently and thought you and several other people who were very active on this forum when I got married last fall might be getting married around now. So, I decided to check back in to see the pictures and hear all about it. It's nice for me to reminisce!
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