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This is our "rough draft". My future SIL had the vases left over from her wedding.  The flowers and blue marbles are from AC Moore. Candles from 1-800 candles and the overlay from efavormart (it will be ironed for the wedding :) 

Instead of having table numbers, each table will have a different shell.  We bough cheap frames from AC moore and will have a picture of the shell on the table.  The shells shown on the table will also be glued to the placecards. 

Total cost per table aprox $25



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Originally Posted by TropicLover View Post

Has anyone done tall centerpieces with branches, hanging crystals and some flowers?  I've seen them in magazines, but I'm not sure if it's something a hotel would be able to do.  Maybe I should look for outside vendors.

Tropic lover : Check this one out. I saw this  centerpiece in the referral section of my WC page. www.floresjulieta.mex.tl  


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There are some great ideas here.  One word of caution when using tall vases, keep in mind that guest will have difficulty conversing with one another across the table with the vase and flowers in the way.  I was at a wedding several years ago and could only speak to the individuals to my immediate left and right as the huge vase full of hydrangeas obscured my view of anyone else at the table.


I have seen several questions as to how the decorations will be transported to the wedding but maybe skipped the pages where this was answered.  Are you bringing them with you or are you sending them to the resort in advance?  If shipping then how much will it cost and if bringing with you, are you packing a separate box/bag and checking it?


Thanks everyone!

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