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  1. The privilege package is more expensive and optional for the resort. It just means better mini bar and I guess seating for more than 6. If I would have known this I probably would have purchased it. There is a bar on the beach right by the pool. It's a little bit of a walk from the beach ceremony site but not far. There are also 2 bars by the pool. The other bars are located in the main area surrounding La Plaza. La Plaza is very beautiful and you may want to think about doing pictures there. The whole resort is beautiful and you have many options. Usually the photographers know where the best spots are. Enjoy your wedding!
  2. We had the welcome bag delivered to the rooms for $2/bag. It was nice to not have to deal with it but people didn't get their bags until later in the day. We had put a brochure with an itinerary in it and a lot of people didn't get them until after some of the events were over. It was a little frustrating but like I said it was nice not to have to track people down to give them the bags. Also, the resort is SO big and with 50 people it was hard to get in touch with everyone. I highly suggest figuring out some sort of system to get everyone's room number. You can call the front desk but I felt as if we were really annoying them by asking them all the time. If i could do it again, I would bring a list of names and get the room numbers from everyone as they checked in. For the most part though, we all congregated by one section of the pool during the day and in the plaza at night.
  3. We gave him our list 3 weeks prior to our wedding and then had a face to face meeting 2 days before. He was very fun and professional. We were married at Valentin Imperial Maya. I will revise my review to add that
  4. Glad it was helpful!! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!! The next 6 weeks is going to fly by! enjoy
  5. Finished some of my reviews today!!!! Here they are I honestly am going through wedding withdrawal and wish I could go back!!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/valentin-imperial-maya/reviews/5206 http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dj-s-doremixx/reviews/5202 http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/blue-lens-caribe-wedding-photography/reviews/5203
  6. We put everything in 4 bins....glass centerpieces, welcome bags, candles, medications etc.... Going through customs was a piece of cake for us. They asked how much everything cost. I told them aprox $500. They said ok , I pressed the green button and was good to go. I was concerned to hit red but we got very lucky. I brought all of my receipts just in case but everything went very smooth. I thought the ins were a great idea because they were clear so you could get an idea of what was in there. Also, we did not put together our welcome bags before hand for that reason. Therefore, they would not have known they were specifically for our guests.
  7. Hey everyone! I am back from my BEAUTIFUL wedding!! Don't have any reviews or anything yet but I just wanted to let you all know that it was perfect. Ana and the whole team was phenomenal and I really couldn't have asked for anything more. I will write details/reviews in the next week and post them as soon as I have them.
  8. We're in our final countdown!!! We leave in 2 days and get married in 5! I cannot believe it's here already! I'm going a little crazy doing some last minute things but for the most part everything is under control. We packed and sealed all our "luggage" last night. We ended up with 4 bins, 2 carry ons, 2 backpacks and my dress. I can't believe everything fit! Customs is going to love us lol Anyway, I probably won't be writing again until I leave so I will talk to you all and post pics when I come back!! Everyone say your prayers for nice weather! (theyre calling for rain) <3 Nicole
  9. I will purchase it but I leave for my wedding on October 18th. Do you think thats enough time?
  10. I agree with you! The ones my group got are a little see through too but I personally don't like the look of the white undershirts.
  11. Thanks!! I ordered 50, 1 for each guest. I'm not sure if she offers deals for big orders.
  12. I received my maracas from SusannaJafet yesterday!!! I couldn't be happier with the results!
  13. Where are you having your reception? We are using Blue Lens for our TTD but haven't inquired about the price list. Now I'm scared lol! We're having maracas too as our favors. Where did you get yours from? I ordered mine on Etsy and should finall be getting them in the mail tommorow. I'll post pics as soon as I can I cannot believe we have 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. We will be having our reception at the fountain area. When I went to the resort a few years ago we went to (more like crashed) a party in that spot and it was amazing! I knew when we booked thats exactly where I wanted to have it! Here are a few pics of our koozies. Sorry that its sideways This is a picture with my bridesmaids at my shower last week My grandmother, mom, future stepmother in law and FI's grandmother And these were the AWESOME cupcakes they had! Quote: Originally Posted by MrsAlmaguer2011 Your shower sounds like fun. Mine was very colorful as well. Koozies are a good idea for the OOT bags, I need to get to it! I want to do cups for all the guests since I hear they only have small cups at the resort. I need to do some research to get them at a good price! Wow, time is moving fast! The first time I realized how close my wedding is was when I responded to your post lol. So now i'm freaking out!! We just have to remember to enjoy this time. Everything will come out perfect. What are you doing for your reception at the resort? {C}
  15. That sounds like so much fun! My shower was beautiful as well. They did a beach theme and did the colors that I originally wanted that my FI vetoed lol. Overall it was really cute and it was great to see the people that aren't able to attend the wedding. For our OOT bags we did koozies, a brochure with welcome letter and itinerary and a packet with 5 hour energy, shout wipes, motrin, pepto, immodium and bug wipes. I'm not sure exactly how much it came out to but we found everything really cheap online. I'm about 3 1/2 weeks out now and freaking out a little because I feel like the time is moving way too fast and I'm not going to have everything ready. I have pretty much everything done but still have a few loose ends to tie up.
  16. Very cute invitations!!!!!! I had the programs done by the girl who did our invitations but I'm doing the menus myself. I'll post pics when theyre done We had a lot of people wait until just last week to book. It suprises me how many people procrastinated!
  17. Everything is coming along really well. Have some little things to do (put together menus, programs, seating cards). But I'm having a DIY day with my girls next weekend so that should be fun! My shower is this weekend too which I'm super excited about! Otherwise, I'm finally starting to see the final product come together How are all the plans going for you??
  18. I'm at the 5 week mark!! Cannot believe how quickly this has all gone!!! How is everyone doing with their planning?
  19. Towels are from heubyjennyhouston She was limited on her quantity last time I checked but she has other great stuff also!
  20. We are walking in to "OMG" by Usher. Our wedding party is walking into "rock your body" by Black Eyed Peas and parents to "Separate Ways" by Journey. My MOH got married in June (not a DW) but they walked in to the guitar solo from "November Rain" by Guns and Roses which was AWESOME!!!!
  21. Just wanted to check in!!! We are next !!!
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