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  1. Dear forum friends: I´m leaving tomorrow for my big day!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful support you have given me throughout this whole experience!! I´ll be back with my pics and review! Good luck.
  2. Nicola Creely sounds beautiful!!! Congratz!!!
  3. Dear forum friends: I´m leaving tomorrow for my big day! Thank you all for your kind words when I was clueless about what I had to do! I´ll be back with a nice review!! Good luck to you all! Nicola and Bonnie: It´s my turn now!!
  4. I´m leaving tomorrow for my big day!!! I´ll let you know how the Mexican menu goes!
  5. I have decided to go for my mexican menu and get another more international dish for the people to choose from. It relieves me to know that your guests loved the mexican fancy food!! Thank you Murmel I guess I´ll stick to mu original menu . The location is so mexican that it will match the menu!! I´m trying not to get stressed... if possible.... jaja
  6. Angela! you looked so pretty and your group pic is fantastic!! I ´m sure gonna have one like that for my group!!!
  7. Maggie! hope your wedding is the best!! and we wil be waiting for your review and pics!!!
  8. Murmel, Bonnie, BrideKSMith and Primavera: Thank you for answering my post. As I told you, I´m getting nervous but I guess it´s only normal. I´m havinsg guests from all over the world ( not really all over but from different corners) and I would say pretty adventurous. What I tried during my site inspection was very classy Mexican cuisine with just a hint of spices so that´s why I decided to go for it. My FI and myself love it, but then some of my friends told me that may be I should offer a more nternational menu. So I started wondering..... Bonnie your menu sounds fantastic and I´m going to check with Julieta my WC if we could have an extra dish that people can choose from. I guess this way everybody will be happy. I know it´s my wedding but I really want everybody to feel wonderful and enjoy as they will be coming from faraway places to join in the fun. I´ll keep you posted...
  9. What is that? peanut butter with celery sticks????
  10. Girls I need your help! I went on my site inspection some months ago and I decided to have a mexican menu... but now I´m beginning to think that not all my guests will like that!! Is anyone having a seated menu that I can get ideas from? I´m gonna keep the mexican finger food and perhaps change the main course to a light fish preparation ????? I´m getting really nervous now!!!!
  11. Primavera you are back!!! I´m sooo happy that everything turned out so wonderful!! I hope that you post some pics when you feel ready to do so. Hurry though!! hahahaha
  12. Nicola you got married yesterday!! I wish you had the best of luck! See u when you are back!!!
  13. Nicola You got married yesterday and I´m sure you had the best time ever. Don´t forget about us we want a review!!!
  14. good luck! I´m sure you will have have the best DW!!!
  15. Breath innnnnn breath ouuttt and enjoy your very special day ABBY!!!!
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