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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by erinmc I have been to about 6 bridal shop and tried on a lot of dress's, I can't find this one anywhere!!! I called all over the state I live in with no luck!! One shop said they can order it for $200. Every dress I try on I keep comparing to this on even though I didn't try it on. I am very tempted to just order it from Jasmine's and hope for the best. UGH!!! I don't know what to do. LOOOOVE that dress.
  2. Wow, I love that dress, except for the slit. Do you have any idea who its by atleast? I'd be happy to check around for it.
  3. I'm just shocked we would get banned for defending our friend who has helped us plan out our weddings and helped me get the perfect dress, and talked me through my proposal shock. And whats worse, now another close friend of mine on here has left, because although we can't ask for her to return, and protest what we thought was unfair, we are yelled at and told that we too will be banned. We are not trying to start Drama, not in the least. I simply don't understand how a small off handed comment about weight could make the mods and everyone else sensitive enough to ban 3 (if you choose to ban me, which I truly believe you will as you seem to be out to get those of us who cared about PPP's advice) of us. I'm just so upset that you ladies who are supposed to be supportive could do that to people who have been nothing but active and helpful. We aren't abusing anyone, and I have combed through these threads searching for these "Fat" references, and haven't found any. I just thought that this community was above the pettiness and drama, and I'm sorry to see that we are not allowed to have a negative opinion but must be blindingly supportive. I don't want to be banned, I just want my close friends (and myself) to be able to say things without having the whole site find it "offensive" and banning me. There is a huge hole without the two you just banned, as they were the most helpful, kind, and active members on this thread. My apologies to Tammy and Starchild for speaking up, I just respect this forum so much, and the ladies in it as well.
  4. My thoughts exactly! You just shared a negative opinion of her, and we accept that. Why couldn't she do the same? And we feel as though she should be let back in because she has valuable resources and opinions. I'm sorry we're letting silliness and pettiness rule over us, and getting people banned.
  5. I agree with both you and GracieMurano. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I urge the moderators to change their decisions. PrettyPigPig never censored her opinions because she shouldn't have had too. We are a community, and every community should be able to express negative and positive views and not be fired upon for having a different opinion. She also had valuable information about Chinese retailers, Dressmaking, the best sites, and earlier in these pages, she even offered to translate Chinese. Its absolutely preposterous you would boot her for something this silly.
  6. I honestly can't believe you all deleted PrettyPigPig. I thought we were all adults here, who could handle everyone's opinions. As someone who has slimmed down from 235 lbs to 135, I don't understand why an adult couldn't just ignore her comments without blocking her from the forums completely. Oh well. So is the life of brides I suppose. I guess for commenting I'll get blocked too.
  7. Oh Mocha, I feel so awful for you... You are in my thoughts and prayers that everything goes right and that dress fits you like it was meant to be a second skin. I hope everything else in your planning is going smoothly, because this is such a bummer =(
  8. I agree, I think its very chic, clean and crisp, as well as fun and easy to dress up or down. I was orignally going black and white but the FI was not as enthused and we both agreed something brighter suited us better.
  9. Thanks for doing that, I am looking to possibly get my BM dresses on a knock-off site as well, as I would like to custom size since one of my BM's is a F cup.
  10. Yeah that's what I was thinking of doing but using pink as well! I'm leaning towards using manzanita (SP?) branches in silver for the centerpieces but I'm not sure yet. =)
  11. Thank you! After lurking I did find some planning threads, but I am just going to have to post my own as no one included silver in a pink and yellow them as much as I will. =)
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