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  1. @melfaybik They are gorgeous! Looks like they are only full at the top, so no worries
  2. @ @@choeft201 Oh my! Gorgeous! I love the beautiful simplicity of it! Great cake!
  3. @misst: Do you already have it or is this your confirmation before ship picture? If it hasn't shipped I'd first try to get them to fix it. If it has & you love everything else besides the beading, I say keep it & have it rebeaded local so you can be involved in the fix. (or do it yourself if you have those skills?) You don't want to pay to send it back to only have it done wrong again. It should be fairly doable & reasonably priced (I think). You could purchase the materials/beads yourself. It's not as if it's a massive amount of beading all through the skirt or anything. I think they did a great job with the general look of the dress, honestly. Good luck whatever you do!
  4. @ magirl: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress! It turned ou so beautiful!! What designer dress was the inpiration?
  5. rachey82

    Our wedding bands!

    Mine is white gold, blue and white diamonds & I LOVE it! My fiance's is 8MM black tungsten carbide.
  6. @gracimurano : Your dress turned out amazing! Congrats! Love to hear the successes
  7. Islandgirl910 They are cymbidium orchids, gorgeous riught? I picked them for my bridal bouquet
  8. @ STBMrsBW Your dress looks gorgeous! What designer/model was the dress replicated after?
  9. @ butterflyaniam : Oh my gosh- I LOVE your cake! That is the cutest!
  10. Depends completely on where you're getting married. The backup plan at our resort is to WAIT as long as possible, then if we still can't do it outdoors, they have an indoor location. BUT they will charge us $500 if that happens... good luck, hope the weather report turns out to be wrong!
  11. @Brandy: Do you have any photos of you in the gown? This dress is pretty popular judging by the amount of photos I've found of actual real brides in it, but I'm always up for more porn to hold me over until my dress finally arrives....
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