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well, truthfully...i am having a hard time...i so want jack to come early but it doesnt look like it.


at my last dr. appt a few days ago i wasnt dilated yet but almost.


i have this horrible round ligament pain that wont go away...it feels like a pulled/tore a muscle and burns...my wrists are still funky...my feet and legs are sooo swollen that they hurt and i look like i have elephantitus...and i have hemmorrhoids!


also, i haven't slept well the last few weeks...maybe 2-3 hours a night.


also, i gained 11 lbs in just over a week...yikes! i have gained about 43 lbs with this pregnancy which is alot because i normally am about 98lbs when not working out... smile78.gif


sorry to bitch...i guess most of all i really want to see my baby...

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