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OOT Bags - templates, pics and price break down

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Hi Tori,


first let me say your bags look amazing!  I'm definitely going to pop over to Buffalo to get the items for mine!  Could you please email me your templates?  My email is francesmenezes@yahoo.ca.    I haven't received permission to download yet.  Thanks in advance!

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Here are the templates I used, it took some adjustments with some of them to make sure they printed properly.  I purchased full label sheets (8.5x11) for any labels as I designed my own sizes to fit perfectly and used the same cardstock as our invite for our bag toppers and tags.  I used pink cardstock for our pepto bag tops.

















Mug Tag-Pepto Bag Topper-Survival Kit Bag Topper-Welcome Tags.pptx

Hand Sanitizer-Sewing Kits-Key Card Holder.pptx

Lipchap labels-first aid kit-sewing kit.pptx

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You are sooooo creative Tori!!! I'm sure your guests will be very excited to receive one of these bags :). Thanks for referring me to this thread, definitely helped a lot!!

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