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  1. Hello Ladies, I am planning a 20th Anniversary vow renewal at the Barcelo Palace for 8/2012. I have been to the resort and it is truly all that is seems in pictures. While I was there I witnessed several weddings, the one thing I can say is that although there are always those on lookers, for the most part people tend to stay away from the wedding site. I have a question does anyone by chance have the 2012 prices?
  2. newvows21

    Anyone Renewing Their Vows?

    Hi, I will be renewing my vows this summer after 20 yrs of marriage. We will be havaing the ceremony on the beach at the Barcelo Maya Palace in Mexico.
  3. Hello Futuremrslewis, I live in Orlando, Florida and I am planning a Mexico destination wedding this summer. I am also contemplating bringing my own photographer. I was wondering how it all worked out for you? Did you bring your own photographer? where there any added expenses?
  4. Hello ladies just curious to see if anyone would be willing to share these templates with a newbie. PM me and I can send you my e-mail. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks
  5. Love these oot bags...great inspiration.
  6. Hello Ladies, I am renewing my vows at the Barcelo Palace on August 18, 2012. I have questions about the packages. 1. Has anyone ever done the free Coconut Package? how did the day turn out? (wedding location, dinner) 2. For those brides that chose the Blueberry package? same question? I am planning a vow renewal and I'm in the early stages of planning so I am not sure how many guests I will have. In any event I was not interested in a reception at all. Any information anyone could share would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. newvows21

    Sky Lanterns!

    Love the idea also...anyone at the Barcelo Maya Palace doing this?
  8. hello ladies, I am planning a August 2012 vow renewal. Any ideas or suggestions on travel arrangements?
  9. Hello Ladies, I too am planning a 2012 wedding/vow renewal at the Barcelo Palace. I had the pleasure of vacationing at the resort in 2010 and I fell in love. I just received my initial email from the resort. I replied to request the dates. And now I wait. I have visited the unofficial-barcelo-maya.com many times and it has loads of resort specific information. I heard about BDW on their forum and I have found loads more information here as well. I will keep you posted on the progress but first I have my first question: How did you handle the travel arrangements for everyone?Group rates? I booked my vacation with cheapcaribbean.com when I went last year but is their a better way?