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  1. Could you please email me some pictures you have of the flowers and such they have to offer? thanks! jennadullinger@gmail.com
  2. Im not sure how many changes that have made, the one thing that stresses me out is the photographer thing, it seems thay charge sooo much just to bring your own in since they offer one onsite. I started researching this place 1 year aga haha. I am really glad to start planning! Congrats on the wedding! i wish I was getting married that soon!!!!
  3. I have been reading lots of messages in the Barcelo maya palace brides post here, but I thought i would start a new one for the 2012 Brides! I am so excited to get married and feel like 2012 will not come fast enough! So far not to many 2012 brides but i hope to find more, from what i have rewad so far it seems like the WC at barcelo palace take awhile to respond so hopefully we can all share our information! I have not yet set my date yet but I plan on getting married in April or March?? I plan on booking this summer but at least through the travel sites like orbitz or travelocity you cant e
  4. Im not sure how far you have come on your resort hunt but I am also a 2012 bride and I wont be bookin untill this summer, its so hard to book over a year in advance. Anyways you should check out the Barcelo Maya Palace! Its amazing!!!!!! I have been reseaching it for a long time and honestly its perfect.
  5. Hello, I am am newbie! I am interested in having someone come in to do my makeup, do you know what they charge to have an "outsider" come in and also can you tell me what Adrain charges? Thanks!!
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