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  1. Hey Ladies, Sorry to ask again, but no one responded:( Has anyone used the resort photographer? i am so torn on what i am going to do about photography, but i want to know how other brides found the quality of their pictures? Thanks or any photography advice would be welcome!!!
  2. Hello ladies, I am having such a hard time deciding if i am going to go with the resort photographer or someone else. Has anyone used the resports photographer? If so who was it and what did you think? Any info is appreciated, and a link to photos if you have them..... Thanks
  3. Thanks so much for your review! I was just wondering about timing? We are getting married in the same locations as you and starting at 3:00 as well. I was just informed that the reception would end at 9:00 otherwise we would pay extra... What was your timeline of events? Did they tell you they would give you the extra hour before hand or did it just go an hour longer? I figured we could just go to the sports bar after if people still wanted to party, as im not sure i want to spend 15 per person to extend the reception... Does the sports bar have dancing??? Thanks any advice or clarification is appreciated!
  4. Okay seriously Ana Maria is no longer working there? I am glad that i read this on the site as no one has contacted me to let me know! Thank goodness my wedding is in november and there is lots of time to go over everything with someone else, hopefully they will honor what i have been told (as i have noticed it seems to depend on who you are dealing with).... Feel bad for the brides getting married right away as it must be stressful!!!
  5. Have you already customized them?? do you have pictures???
  6. haha i didnt even look to see when that was posted... i guess im a little late!! But hopefully someone else can benefit from the information:)
  7. Hi... i completely understand the search for travel mugs.... all of the canadian sites charge 5 dollars a mug and if you see them for less you have to buy 500 min.. really frustrating!! I just purchased mine from orientaltrading.com .. it is an american site but the price was so much better than i have seen that i didnt mind the 27.00 in duty and shipping... They came to 5.24 for 6... I got the color your own and i am just going to take out the paper insert they come with and add nice paper and then make stickers, with our names and wedding date on the front, and maybe even one for the back that says "to have and to hold... and to keep your drink cold:) I will get the stickers from vistaprint (ill wait till i get a offer for free ones:)so i think they will look nice... hope this helps...and i will try to remember to post pics when i get it all together http://www.orientaltrading.com/color-your-own-new-york-travel-mugs-a2-48_9547.fltr?prodCatId=388818&categoryFromSearch=true&tabId=2&rd=color%20your%20own
  8. here is some of the things i asked ana about the dinner hope it helps... I asked the WC if we could give options for dinner, without doing a buffet this is what she said: Can we offer a choice of entres for the guests.. would that be an extra cost? You can offer their choice for dinner, for the main entrée only 2 options, the additional cost is $ 30 usd per person; the other option is a head of time you can let me know how many people will eat one option and how many people will eat the other option only for the main course If i ask ahead of time what choice of entre they would prefer..would i still have to pay the additional 30? If you let me know in advance how many people will eat one option and how many people will eat the other option, there is not an additional charge, and only for the main course In terms of planning the menu, can i mix the choices? Take the starter from one and the dessert from the other? Can i use the dessert from the Eternity menu? Is there a cost to do this? Yes you are able to mix and match, but is must to be set menú Also i was wondering if there is a kids menu... if so what is it and what is the cost? The kid menu: fruit cocktail, cheese burger, chicken fingers, spaghetti, and ice cream, there is not an additional for this menu Also i have a friend or two that are vegitarian... is there a vegetarian option for the whole meal? cost? Yes there is an option for vegetarian menú, it is the same cost as a regular menu Hope this helps! Originally Posted by melissa80 PLEASE HELP! I am about 6 weeks out from my wedding and trying to fill out the worksheet to send to Ana. I am so overwhelmed!!!! I still have people pending on coming to the wedding. Is this preliminary? My time frame looks like this... 3:00 wedding on beach 4:00 cocktails at Blue Beach Bar 6:30 doors open to Ocen Front Terrace 7:00 intro bride and groom and wedding party 7:20 start serving dinner when do I do the cake and the toast? has anyone done a signature cocktail? if yes, what? Are they flexable with the dinner choices? some of the choices are a little weird! I thought I was ahead of the game!!!
  9. I just got a new quote for my guests in toronto for november 2012 and it was for 1492.68 (including tax) flying with transat.
  10. Did Ana tell you that all you had to do was pay a day pass?? Bcause i was under the impression from her that i had to pay the 350 for the photographer????
  11. It was with Transat Holidays.. but it was in september so it could have changed! Sorry i didnt even think of that... i just checked it was 1346.52 in september. i still think you can get something close to that in november? All of our quotes with transat have only lasted for 2 weeks, and so we got a few for different people and i have found it has gone up and down by 200-300 dollars depending on the week. So maybe you need to wait a week and ask for a new quote? Quote: Originally Posted by katno Where did you get the $1,300 price from? I just got quoted $1,360 for double occupancy but I would have to change my date to June!!
  12. We are getting married Nov 2012 at the now jade... We paid 1634.00 with tax from edmonton. When i got a quote from toronto for our guests there it was around 1300.00. I was surprised at how reasonable the resort is for how nice it is!!
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