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Dress Indecision 2011 - Help appreciated!

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OK girls, I am having somewhat of a dress indecision problem...


Up until a few months ago, I always wanted a tea length dress - the long dress and the heat just seemed like it would be horrible, plus I don't really classify myself as much of a 'wedding' type.  Pretty easygoing, don't want any frills, lace, etc.


Well then I started looking at long, chiffon dresses and I really liked some and picked a few I liked.  The thing is, for some reason I couldn't pull the trigger and buy one, so I thought maybe I should try on some tea length to see how it feels!  Well I tried them on and kinda felt like a little girl, and then felt stuck....until....I tried one on that I thought I would NEVER like!  Its taffeta and an asymmetrical length.  For some reason I put it on and BAM, I just loved it!


The Problem:  I have some bridesmaids that are pretty traditional, and just don't seem to 'get' the dress.  I don't know if the dress is ugly, or if maybe its great and just completely not their style.  Would LOVE some opinions from brides that actually get the whole destination wedding/non traditional thing.  Below is the pic of the model dress, then a few of me in it.  The dress I tried on was a 12 and I am a 6, so there is a lot of pinning and extra fabric, but hopefully you get the gist of it.


Thanks girls, sorry this is so long!  I never thought I would have such a problem, but it really is true how important the dress is...who knew  cheesy.gif





Ignore the dumb face






Would probably replace this flower with the adorable ones on Etsy



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I think it looks great on you! Its so unique & perfect for a DW! Don't worry what your friends think about the dress. If you love it & feel beautiful in it then I say go for it! It's your day!!

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So far good feedback!!! woot.gif


I mean, I know that really I am the one that needs to love the dress, but I just didn't want to be one of those brides that people look at and are like, didn't anyone say anything.... hahaha  


Wasn't sure if it was too poofy on the sides, don't wanna look like a bell!

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