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  1. Hi. I got married last October, and my girls wore coral. I had trouble finding matching things so I decided to keep it in the color family. So I went with the resorts tropical bouquet and told them I wanted oranges, peaches and touches of yellow and fuschia. Hope this gives you an idea.
  2. Hi. You can have your reception on the pool terrace which is in between the two main pools. It's a cement area or on the pool deck which is right behind the infinity pool and in front of the beach. It's a wood deck area. Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, I brought down chair bows, table overlays, fans to be placed at the ceremony site. And they do not charge to place these things for you. You just go over with them how you want things and they do it.
  4. Hi. Thanks. I honestly don't know if any of that is extra. The reason for my reception happening in the ballroom was due to rain. They just told me that it would be set up with the things I had chosen like the lights and lanterns. I was really afraid what that was going to look like but they assured me that it was already decorated. I think I might have luck out because while my whole entire stay there were conferences there everyday. Lots of companies, so that might have been why it was curtained off. Sorry I can't clarify more for you.
  5. Hi. I kept communicating to Ana at the time to make sure she booked our date with them but also requested the email address and I emailed them myself. They had my reservation and I then requested Anel for both shoots. She was awesome in responding very quickly.
  6. We were going to do a legal one but with looking at the hassle of paperwork, cost and blood test we decided to do it before we left. We got legally married here at the judges office. No one knows. the judge used her assistant and receptionist as witnesses (LOL) To be honest, it didn't even feel like it. It was so fast and simple. In our hearts and mind all the emotions were on our symbolic wedding in Mexico.
  7. Hi. Thank you. You're so kind. We used Anel. She is such a warm, fun person. I had chosen her from seeing all the previous slideshows. When we worked with her I just told her I was up for anything. She is great. Yes, I had her for both. As for pricing, we purchased the complete coverage package which cost 1499.00 and it includes 200 photos with the copyrights, the slideshow and a 80-100 photo album. For us it was so hard to choose the 200 from a total of 790 shots plus 50 that were included in our ultimate package, that they worked us a deal and we bought everything plus they threw a 20"x30" canvas for an additional 1495.00. May seem like a lot but after we had chosen the first round of photos we were still over by 200 pictures, which then at 15.00 dollars each....well you can imagine. lol So I don't regret it at all. Photos were important to us and we wanted to be able to share them with everyone. Oh and then we also tipped Anel before we departed.
  8. Now that I have been married, I can share my dress. My hubby would go always be on the forum with me so I was not able to share it before. It was Maggie Sottero. It was beautiful.
  9. Thank you. I chose this bouquet from their pictures. It's their tropical bouquet. Yes, this was included in the package. The only thing I forgot to be specific about what to tell the WC that I the stems left long. When I received the flowers, they were on the plastic holder stemless. But it was okay. They were beautiful, so I didn't mind too much. And as far as color, I just told her to make sure they were in the orange color palette.
  10. Hey guys: We just returned from our wedding at DRC on Thursday. We stayed there from 10/23-11/04. Since we've been so busy with being back to work and having our new puppy home, I have not gotten a chance to sit down and write a review. I will do it hopefully this weekend but I do want to share our slideshow. http://291011dias.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx
  11. Hi. Thanks. No this is not the wedding. They are setting up for a wedding at 4pm and mine is at 5pm on the beach. So they will kind of be one behind the other. It's okay, we just can't predict the weather. I just had my hair and makeup done by Victoria at the Spa. When I finished it poured for about 5 minutes and then the sun came out again. There was the other bride there getting ready also. So I am hoping the weather stays like it is right now. I'll take cloudy anytime without the rain.
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