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  1. Congrats on deciding! We are getting married there on Jan 21, 2012 and can't wait to get there! Check out the Beaches Turks & Caicos - roll call thread - very long and full of info! I'll be happy to help with any ?s you may have - let me know! Kelly
  2. I'll take the 10. can you tell me shipping to 02809? Thanks, kelly
  3. Past brides, did anyone pay for a room for three nights for an outside photog ( ie tropical imaging)? We were thinking of going this route, but don't know how the beaches staff will be with this. I know we are technically following their established rules, but just wanted to hear from someone who may have done it.
  4. I'll Take them all. How much for shipping to 02809? Thanks
  5. I for one have never even noticed that the bride is on the left, so I'm sure your guests won't either. Its your wedding, do what you want!
  6. That doesn't sound too bad. How about " we are excited that this can be a family vacation for our guests. During the adult ceremony and reception, we have arranged for child care on our resort so that the children can have their own party" maybe you can arrange for the kids to have their own reception? I'm not sure if the resort sitters do this, but I'm sure if you are providing the private sitting, they would be happy to help you arrange for whatever play activities you plan. Good luck
  7. Congratulations! Picking the resort was the hardest part, but it gets easier after that in comparison to planning an at home to-do! Good luck
  8. Hi I tried to send a pm but wasn't working. I'd be interested in 40 if you still have them, thanks
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