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  1. I am off tomorrow girls for my wedding Saturday!!! Holy has time flown by!! I just want to say thank you to everyone, past and present, for helping me make decisions, answer questions, and just be there through this stressful time! I am so excited and can't wait to tell you all about it! If anyone has questions just PM me and I will try to answer you while I am there!!! Paradise here I come!!!
  2. I got it from save.on.crafts.com. I am both impressed and disappointed by them...so hard to give a review... Like I said, I got my first order (fake lei's and freeze dried petals for flower girl basket) and both were supposed to be lavender, and they were both pink. The petals were just different colored than the online pic, but the lei's I accidentally ordered the pink orchid lei instead of the purple one, so that was my fault. I contacted them and they refunded my whole order (shipping and all) and even sent me a return slip to return that order for free. So I was happy until I ordered again, the purple lei's and some even darker purple petals, and both were pink again.....a different color pink, but pink nonetheless... They did say, you can contact them to get another picture sent, so if going with them I would definitely recommend that. Otherwise their customer service and prices are fantastic!!!
  3. Here is what I just made for the Chuppah at my resort! I saw a pic of hanging orchids and absolutely loved it! They are supposed to be purple, but after ordering 2 separate times, I gave up and went with the pink! Here I only have like 8 completed, but I did 20 overall, 8 for the back of the chuppa and 6 on each side. We just got some orchid Lei's which I took apart, fishing line, and some lobster claw hooks. This way you just string the line around the chuppa and clip to the other side, so no tying (we left some room at the top with no flowers for this). This is my cat trying not to be naughty...
  4. Post your Chuppah pics and inspiration pics!
  5. Was wondering if any brides in Montego Bay/Rose Hall got a group together to go to Margaritaville during the day? I know our resort has a free shuttle at night, but we are looking to go just for a couple hours during the afternoon, and would rather have our group all together than take a bunch of separate cabs. For reference we will probably have like 20 people on the shuttle/bus. Anyone have any recommendations/pricing to get us all down there and back?
  6. So did your dress count as your one carry-on item? I was planning on bringing my small carry-on suitcase and also my dress on the plane with me.
  7. Does anyone know if they serve food outside at the beach parties and/or what time they start? I am trying to plan that into our schedule (hoping the party at the Beach is still on Thursdays), and want to know if we should all plan on eating at a restaurant first or just heading there for food and drinks.
  8. I am going to put a ribbon through the top part and string them around my bouquet. I have seen pictures of this and it looks so beautiful.
  9. Looking at the site it looks like the exact same company, unfortunately they don't have the Hawaiian light gray on here now either....UGH!!!
  10. So we are having an issue and hoping maybe someone had the same problem or knows of a solution. We ordered the suit for my FI a week ago, and one of the groomsman last night ordered his and got an email today saying they are out of the fabric (Hawaiian light gray) and that he needs to pick another color. When they are out of fabric, is that for good, or just temporarily? If we contact them and let them know its part of a bridal party do you think they will work with us? Wedding is early Feb, so not much time here, and not like we can switch colors at this point.... Man, if more things go wrong with this wedding I swear I will go bonkers..
  11. So quick question and sorry if this has been asked, I can't come up with an answer when I do a search. For everyone that is or has provided their own music for the ceremony, how long/many songs did you have before your walk down the isle when guests are all coming together, and how many after when the signing and champagne is going on? I was thinking about 15 mins of music before and 20 after. It would be great to hear from past brides how long everyone was standing around before and after the ceremony.
  12. Just got my shoes in the mail and I LOVE them!! Planning on going barefoot for the wedding but my love of high heels could not keep me away from these afterward. I got some Badgely Mischka's from an Ideeli.com sale for only $99!!! I have a high-low dress too so they will be on full display! I don't have a picture of me in them yet but here it is from the website. I am not totally fond of the top ankle strap and it comes right out, so thinking i may just slip that sucker out...dunno if it will look dumb with that back part, but the long back of my dress will probably cover it up. Meh, whatever, it's my wedding and I will wear my shoes how I wanna
  13. Also, I just submitted a review for memorial charms I just bought for my wedding bouquet. If anyone needs one or more check this Etsy store out, she was great! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/76345/amazing-memorial-charms
  14. Quick question about seating to past brides (or future who may know). We are planning on having our reception dinner at Aunt Rubys and only have ~26 people including us coming. Would love to have a sort of U-shaped table, so it feels like we are all eating together. Is this possible?
  15. I just bought 2 memorial charms from Etsy and they are amazing! Exactly like the picture and the girl was AMAZING to work with. I asked if it was possible to get a different color bead to match my wedding colors and she had the perfect color, and even said she could custom make it to exactly what I was looking for. She was fast, professional, and made me the most special charms. It really means a lot to have a reminder of these people on my wedding day, makes me feel like a part of them will be there with me. http://www.etsy.com/people/creativebyheart?ref=ls_profile Here is the charm I was interested in on her site: And here are the two she sent me:
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