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My Gorgeous, Letterpress Wedding Invitations! LOTS of Pics!!!

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I am a lover of all things letterpress, so when I started sourcing out designers for my dream letterpress wedding invitations, I was disheartened to learn there were none in Calgary, Alberta, where my fiance and I live. Luckily, I found Kelly of Paper Stories (on Wedzu!) and we were able to work together to create the wedding invitations I had dreamed of!
Our wedding is taking place this summer in Los Cabos, Mexico, and I really wanted to create something that would create excitement for our friends and family that are coming all of that way. These invitations embody everything I hope our wedding day to be: colourful, organic, rustic and vintage!
Kelly designed and letterpressed our yellow and grey invitations, and designed the labels for the envelopes. She sent my the files for the wrap labels via email, and I added all of our guests addresses in In Design. I printed them on my trusty home printer (an Epson Stylus 1400). I knew I wanted envelope liners for the outer kraft envelopes (the envelopes are from Paper Source), so I started searching the internet for decorative paper. I found this paper at Hollander's, a decorative paper and bookbinding store (yay Google!). The print is called NQ Print Shells. I cut out the liners for all 80 invitations by hand, and then I came to a standstill as to how to bundle them. I love the look of bellybands, and luckily found a loose burlap garland (it can came in a roll of 10 yards) at Michaels Craft Store. I cut the pieces to size, hot glue gunned them around the invites, and then glued a small Kaka Muthu shell to the centre of each. Lastly, I ordered custom stamps with images of our wedding artwork created by Kelly, and spent many, many evenings after work assembling them! They were a labour of love, and I am ecstatic with how they have turned out!
Invitation info:
Designer: Kelly Maron Horvath of Paper Stories (www.paperstories.com)
Envelopes: Paper Source (www.paper-source.com)
Liners: Hollander's (www.hollanders.com)
Burlap Belly Band: Michaels (www.michaels.com)
Postage: Canada Post - Picture Postage (www.picturepostage.ca)
NatalieIMG_0823.JPGIMG_0826.JPGIMG_0829.JPG :)IMG_0792.JPGIMG_0806.JPGIMG_0799.JPGIMG_0798.JPGIMG_0801.JPGIMG_0796.JPG
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I'm also a lover of all things letterpress! It didn't make sense financially for me in the end though so I kind of faked it ;)

These are absolutely beautiful though. Gorgeous :)

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Thanks Tris :) Until I found Paper Stories, I never thought we could afford letterpress either. All of the quotes I got out of Toronto were ridiculous! Kelly charged less for 2-colour letterpress than 1-colour quotes I was getting. A very, very lucky find!

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