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  1. Does anyone know what time the restaurants open for dinner? Which restaurants hold the most people?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the current day pass fee for guest staying off the resort? Thanks
  3. Hey, Well I just got my tank top from theweddingchicks.com. It is really cute but just a warning...my cute $20 tank top ended up costing $50!!! shipping was $13 and then UPS charged me duty of $18 at my door on a $20 tank top....really??? Anyway atleast it's cute!
  4. Hi Girls, Just a heads up: I was going to purchase my key card wrist coil keychains with whistles and Gummie flip flops for my OOT bags from Orientaltrading.com.......Thinking wow this is such a great deal for everything it was only $25 for all my guests....then they add on $6.99 for basic shipping and then they transfer to you to a Canada post shipping company and then they want you to pay another $23 in shipping.....OMG so expensive....so I gave up on that idea. I ended up buying my wrist coil key chains at Walmart you get 6 in a pack for $1.98 in the stationary aisle. (2 d
  5. Hi, Does anyone know where to get bridal party rhinestone iron-on transfers besides Michael's? I would like to make some tank tops but am trying to find a store besides online to purchase some. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Hi, For those past brides, How long did it take to get your hair/makeup done at the salon? Just trying to figure out how much time to have for getting ready and when to start getting ready. Thanks
  7. Hey, Just watch out if you order from here because I ordered from here and they don't tell you the shipping right away, they send you an email a couple days later and tell you the shipping and if you still want to order....my shipping was crazy like $20...but I was so tired of looking for bags that ended up paying it, it was almost as much as the bags cost. So just be aware. They are a Canadian site from Ontario, so why such expensive shipping?
  8. Hey girls, Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the person doing alterations at "Lillan's in Kensington"? Is it Lillan who did your alterations? Thanks Lisa
  9. AMAZING!!! Great job! love everything you did, so professional and nice.
  10. Has anyone from Calgary found any individual Tylenol/pepto/advil or shout wipes anywhere? Thanks
  11. Yah! My dress is in! Can't wait to pick it up next week!
  12. Hey, Does anyone know of any stores/websites that carry clip-on earrings?
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