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Hi everyone. I just wanted to share the templates that I used for my Mayan Riveria wedding. I got a lot of great ideas from this website so I wanted to share.


I ordered the mugs from Discount mugs and was very happy with them. The shot glasses where from a company in Ontairo and they are very nice.



I sent the newsletter out about a month before we left.





I made some simple luggage tags with our guests name and the hotel on the back. I got the laminating kit from Staples and printed them on business card paper.






I forgot to take photos of some of the other stuff that I made, but here are the templates.


I made a welcome book for when people arrived at the hotel. I just hole punched one corner and put a flipflop brad in the coner.



I made small travel kits. They had dish soap (for the mugs) bandaids, immodium, tylenol and aloe.




There were a couple of kids so I threw a coulouring book together really quick. 










 I think that is all I have, but if you have any questions please ask! :)



Pre-Trip Newsletter.pdf

Luggage Tags.pptx

Welcome Book.docx

Kit Label.ppt


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Thank you so much for your post - I realy enjoyed it and found the information very helpful.  I expecially appreciated the link and the ideas for the guest.  Thanks again.

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Originally Posted by carrieb258 View Post




For some reason I cant view the attachments would you be able to email them to me please? 


Carrie x


you need 150 posts before viewing attachments



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