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  1. Thanks! I'm sure everything is fine, just disapointed that I got a no :0( but My time will come! Hope you feeling good!!!
  2. Thought I would give everyone an update, I'm not pregnant but I also still haven't had my period since August 9th and I am always 29 days exactly! I think I'm just a lot more stressed out with my job then I think I am! I made a doctors appointment to make sure everything is OK! I hope everyone is having good luck!
  3. Simistar I LOVE your announcement it is so cute and a great idea!!!! An update for me is I'm about a week late and about 95% I'm pregnant!!!! I'm waiting to take a test because my sister in-law and husband are coming up today, and if I an preggers I wont be able to keep it a secret! We don't want to tell anyone till we see a doctor and till we about 10 weeks along.
  4. Ayita, Congratulations! that is wonderful news so happy to hear that everything worked out for you and your family!
  5. HI Ladies, My hubby and I are starting this month TTC! I have an app to get my IUD out this Friday and then we can start right away. I'm very excited of this chapter of our lives! Good luck to everyone else TTC!!!!
  6. Hi Ladies! I'm back and had the most amazing time! Everything was perfect I couldn't have asked for anything more! Here are a few pictures....
  7. Awesome planing thread! Everything looks amazing!!! I love this hair inspiration!!!
  8. This play a huge roll in what you can do with your hair!
  9. I think that's a really good idea, I'm a hairdresser and nothing stresses me out more the doing a brides hair! But now that I'm on the other side now I am bring a few pictures to give them an idea of what I'm looking for!
  10. Have Fun tonight girls!!! I leave in a week tomorrow! I think I have almost everything done, just little stuff now! I'm so excited to go!!!!
  11. Wow, she did amazing job! those look great!!!
  12. Tisha (TLGnhci) Azul Sensatori, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 2nd Leave in 27 days!! Angela Viva Wyndham Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 3rd Leaves April 24th! Nemmerz Secrets Maroma, Rivieria Maya, Mexico May 5th Leaves in 30 days Cabs (Abby) Private villa, Anguilla May 5th Leaves in 21 days! Sunkisseddeams (Lisa) Dreams Riviera Cancun, Riviera May, Mexico May 6th Leave i
  13. I'm starting to get stressed out! but so excited, we leave in a month today, and our wedding is in 40 days!!! Everything look awesome! great job! Wow, your pic are amazing! your FI is going to LOVE them!
  14. Rosieposie, Everything looks awesome! and thanks again for the info on bouquet , I'm going to be finishing them tonight!
  15. Wow Brandy! Your wedding is going to be amazing! Your guess are going to love everything thing you have done for them! Awesome job!!!! Congratulation!!!
  16. Happy Planing and those resorts are all beautiful!
  17. Happy Planing! And trust me time will fly by it will be here before you know it!
  18. Cherazi, Sorry to hear about your friends not being able to come anymore that really sucks! I would be bummer out too.... I'm sure their bummed out as well!
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