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  1. Hey Everyone, We got married at DRC this past June and I keep meaning to write a review but never seem to get around to it. We had a wonderful time though and things couldn't have gone better. I wanted to at least share a few photos from our wonderful photographer Elizabeth Medina...I'll try to post a review soon. http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/blog/2012/09/shannon-and-konstantin-dreams-riviera-cancun-destination-wedding-photography/
  2. No we weren't able to do the sky lanterns, the hotel does not allow it because they are on a protected jungle/reef. As for the reception I did have a timeline and i've included it below. We also thought it was a bit tight though so we added an hour which turned out perfect! 7:05/7:10 p.m. DJ begins introducing the wedding party, starting with the parents 7:15 p.m. The first dance. 7:20 p.m. Dinner is served. The emcee calls 1 table up at a time spaced out by a minute or two (tables 1-8) beginning with the bride and groom. 8:00 p.m. The music is dimmed and MOH/BM/Welcome toasts are given as guests are eating 8:15 p.m. The cake is brought out and cut 8:20 p.m. The father-daughter dance, which is followed by the mother-son dance. 8:25 p.m. A dance set begins with more upbeat songs to entice most guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. 9:00 p.m. The bouquet toss, followed by the garter toss. 9:00 on Dancing!! Like I said we extended it by an hour which was great because it took all 74 of our guests a lot longer to get through the buffet and we had a lot of speeches... so adding the hour gave us about an hour of just dance time.
  3. Hi everyone ... were back and had a wonderful time. I just wanted to tell everyone not to stress... the coordinators and staff at the hotel are amazing and you can make last minute changes once you arrive (we added an hour to the reception .. changed the menu.. the ceremony.. and set up all the day before the wedding). Ill be back at the end of next month to write up a review (im waiting on my pictures). If you have any questions though feel free to ask!!
  4. Im sorry to hear you had problems with Dreams! but im glad your overall experience with them was good. out of curiousity do you know what fabric your dress is? Im worried about this because i've been told that my dress (silk organza) can not be steamed (which actually causes more wrinkles) but only pressed. Did you ever get an answer from the hotel as to why this happened? Did they steam it or press it?? do you know? thanks!!
  5. Congrats! We just may run into you down there (we don't arrive til the 6th ... so a few days after your wedding). I cant believe its gotten here so fast!! Hope your wedding is perfect!
  6. Wow, you girls are going all out. We've got 76 people coming (finally got our final count yay!!) and there's no way i was going to attempt to do OOT bags... Were just under a month now... getting excited!
  7. Hey Eyeball17 i dont think she's replacing Yamina (at least i hope not). I just heard from Yamina yesterday so. I've had Yamina assigned to me since January of last year... our wedding is about a month away now and im really hoping she'll still be around! I may be the first bride on this forum to have the same coordinator throughout the entire planning process haha!
  8. Hey everyone.. hope all the wedding planning is going well!! Just wondering what everyone is doing for centerpieces?? Im concerned that a lot of centerpieces will look out of place/lost on the big tables dreams has...
  9. My understanding was that the sound system alone was 200$ or you could contract the DJ for 300$(which would include the sound system)???? Can anyone confirm this??? 500/hr for a DJ is ridiculous!
  10. Hi Dominique.. .could you email me the beach set-up pdf please???? I've been trying to get this for a while now. Id really appreciate it!! Thanks!! ssapper@gmail.com
  11. we decided to pay for our bridal parties accommodation for three nights. While I don't think this is necessary we wanted to help our friends out... weddings are expensive even without including travel costs. It was our way of helping them out and thanking them for taking the time and spending they money to stand besides us.
  12. Hi Juliej84... were getting married June 9th and will be leaving to go home June 16th (so we'll overlap a bit!) I cant believe how quickly June is coming!!! 4 months?!?!
  13. My dress is a true ivory, some time soon (hopefully this weekend) im going to take photos of my fiances white linen sport jacket next to my dress to see if the white linen makes my dress look yellow. This is a concern of mine too! Id be happy to share the photos with you once ive taken them!
  14. Hi KTMROCH and TORILVV12!! We're getting married on June 9th and will be leaving JUne 16th so we will see both of you down there too!! Good luck to both of you!!
  15. Hey Sarah... I feel like where dating the same guy!! Haha my fiance also wants those cups crazy bad and wants to wear a white linen suit (which im hoping wont look cheap.. i feel like the all white can go either way). We have just under 100 people booked and were doing a "welcome cocktail hour" at the lobby bar. Were just going to tell people to meet there at like 8pm the night before the wedding. This way we can have a welcome dinner/party without the added expense. A few past brides have done this and it seemed to work out great for them. Just a thought I wanted to share.
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