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  1. That does make sense! I should have figured the whole tower wouldnt have been so cheap. oh well.
  2. Hi Ladies, I need some help...I know i remeber reading in a couple of the most recent reviews that DRC now rents for the reception those hanging lantern lights that alot of people were renting from DecoCancun. and I also rember the price being somethign like $10 each. so i emailed Ana yesterday saying i want to use those for my reception. Her answer: The rent of this kind of lights is $60usd each tower Really??? $60 Each that's ridiculous. since I KNOW I read $10 somewhere. Am I remembering my info wrong? Does anyone rember who's review it was that mentioned they rented these from Dreams?
  3. I was wondering this today too. i have to set up my appointments...I leave a week from tomorrow! I was going to email the spa directly but maybe i will just email Ana to ask if she can set them up. I was going to schedule for my bridesmaids too. My ceremony is at 5 and I was thinking 1pm for hair, then I will be having my makeup done but not by the Dreams Salon. Do you think 1pm is too early? I figured it would give me time in case I hate it and I will also have some time to relax after im all dressed. I just dont want to be sitting around for over an hour waiting.....
  4. I am SO FRUSTRATED with this DJ thing!! I was going to use DJ Molina thru AVI too and I just got his email re: him not being allowed onto the Dreams property. Ridiculous. I'm assuming Dreams isn't getting a big enough kick back from these guys so they're just not letting them in at all. I leave in 11 days and now I have to deal with this on top of the MILLION other little things i still have left to do! I'm not too thrilled with using their DJ considering all of the reviews weren't all great. We all know how important a good DJ is for your reception!! and doremixx and dj molina had such great reviews. :-( Quote: Originally Posted by SharonMydung I am just curious what they have against DJ Julian and Doremixx. I guess because they both didn't agree to the resort's contract now they are banned from the resort. I am not sure what to do because DJ Julian was so great and responding and catering to our needs. Stresssing now
  5. rtownsend - do you know if they are the white bamboo chairs or that bronze color? I havent gotten a response yet re: the white garden chairs but some else mentioned they were using those for the ceremony at no charge
  6. HI ladies, does anyone know if the white garden chairs or those bambooish looking garden chairs are extra or if we can just choose those over the covered chairs for no extra charge?
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  8. Everything looks great! and I LOVE your sandals, i may have to look for a pair. Congratulations!!
  9. I LOVE your bags!! great stuff. I've never seen the personalized hershey kisses before, i love those too! and I've looking for those palm tree bottle opener kee chains! where did you get yours?
  10. Hi aimeelaco, Congratulations! I'm getting married on May 7th and I had initially choose 5:30 for the ceremony because i wanted that sunset lighting for my picture but i had to move it up a half hour to 5pm because i want a 4 hour reception and i was told the reception has to end by 11 (quiet time at the resort). So, ceremony @ 5pm then cocktail hour at 6 and reception starting at 7. Happy Planning!!
  11. hi ladies! I leave in just 5 more weeks! I cant believe it so close now! Brides getting married soon and past brides who are having/had a legal ceremony....how was the ceremony? is there something specific they have that someone could post or forward to me, ulochiel@gmail.com. Are we allowed to add to the ceremony. and I see alot of people do the sand ceremony but I hadn't planned on doing this, will my ceremony be too short if i dont add this in?? thanks for any help, im really stressing out with only 5 weeks left!!!!
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  13. HI ladies, I have a new price from Ana re: the cigar roller and fire dancer prices. After she emailed me the prices the first time Fire dancers is $800usd+11%taxes per 20 min and Cigar Roller is $299 usd+11%taxes including 10 cigars I responded saying: Hi Ana, I had read on the BDW forum from a previous Dreams RC bride that the cigar roller was $150 for the hour with 20 cigars. If I do both the cigar roller and the Fire dancers is there some kind of discount available? Her response was: The cigar roller is $299 with 20 cigars Fire dances could be $700usd+11%taxes I think I might wait and see what it changes to in a couple more weeks. :-/
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