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  1. mkennedy, I saw your wedding! We were down there at the same time, it was beautiful. I actually know your sister in-law Kerry. My sister and her are friends from high school,she ran into her at the resort on your wedding day. Small world!
  2. Hi Ladies! The wedding was AMAZING, hope everyone's planning is going well. Here a preview of our pro pics. http://www.acarrollphotography.net/2011/06/ashleyjeremy-wedding-preview/
  3. We got a preview of our pro pics! http://www.acarrollphotography.net/2011/06/ashleyjeremy-wedding-preview/ We just moved so as soon as things settle down I will write my review.
  4. They were similar but not the same. Yours looked beautiful on you as well! Your wedding looked amazing. We must have just missed seeing yours, We saw about 3 other weddings when we were there.
  5. We brought our photographer from home and just sat her at one of the tables like a normal guest. As far as the DJ we didn't do anything special for him. He was in his booth all night. For the OOT Bags we ending up hand delivering some because we knew when some of our guest were arriving so we just went to the lobby and greeted them with their bag. The other ones Pilar delivered to everyone's rooms (with no charge).
  6. Hi Ladies - We just got back from our wedding! I will post a review when I have had a little time to recuperate. Here a a some pics to tide ya over
  7. I went with the Eternity Package. They can be slow to respond but I have gotten all my questions answered. We started planning our wedding at another resort (even put down a deposit) and they were just as slow. I feel like that is a big complaint of most brides getting married in Mexico. If you want I can send you some of the general information I have and my WC Pilar's e-mail. Everyone I have talked to that has gotten married there has said even though they are slow to respond, when you get there everything gets taken care of. Pilar has been pretty good with me though. Send me your e-mail if you need any info or if I can answer any questions for you. Good Luck, and congrats on your engagement!!!
  8. Thanks! Lol, I am kinda of a Type A but we are also moving right after we get back for the wedding so I feel like I have to everything wedding done before our house turns into nothing but packing boxes Are you getting excited? It's so soon! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding when you get back.
  9. Thank you! I am bringing the lanterns down. The small one fits inside the big one so hopefully it will save some space. I got them a Z Gallerie.
  10. Thanks! It's by Dessy Group, their destination wedding gowns. It's actually plain and I added the sash. I bought the sash on etsy.
  11. Started a planning thread! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/71461/ashley-s-planning-thread-now-jade-puerto-morelos-pics
  12. Thank you!! I actually bought the shoes at Steve Madden last summer and didn't wear them so they became the wedding shoes when we decided on the beach. Even though they are from last year I'm pretty sure they stills carry them. Nordstrom might have them too.
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