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Marinemeuwec Cancun Palace 2/19/11 Planning Journal for the BIG DAY!!!

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Thank you to the site for all of the great ideas and inspiration that this has given me for the wedding.  There a lot of VERY talented people sharing ideas and helping brides all over the world make their weddings special.  I am about a week out from boarding the plane and thought I would start my planning journal and start to give back some of the ideas I have used as well as will add more to the journal later and post a review after we come back :-)


Our Story


JD and I met through mutual friends (my college, his high school) and we had known the same people for years, but  had never met before.  We ended up meeting at a birthday party for one of our mutual friends and instantly had a connection.  There was just something about him that I had to know more and he was very giving and loving from the moment I met him.  We went on a few dates and became exclusive and our friends joked that we already acted like we were married and were inseperable.  We moved in together after a few months and started to share our lives together in a whole new way.  Its the best feeling in the world to come home to your best friend and I knew I wanted to be with him forever.


We ended up taking a trip to Las Vegas and then driving to Utah and visiting Zion National Park.  We were horseback riding and hiking in the mountains when he proposed and it was a really special day.  We actually had to stand on a higher mountain top to get enough reception to call our family and friends to tell them we were engaged! 


Our wedding will be at the Cancun Palace and we are really excited to have it there since its all inclusive and our guests wont have to worry about anything as well as a lot of our guests have never been out of the country so its going to be an adventure!




The Rings



Fiance Ring


My fiance wanted a ring that was more "manly" so its titanium with a simple small diamond in the middle.


Engagement photo



Wedding Dress


My wedding dress is a Liz Fields dress and is definately not beach friendly but I didnt care, it has a lot of personality and I think its really fun and has a really sparkly belt on it so I am sticking with it.


wedding dress.jpg

Trash the Dress

I picked up this dress after I realized I would probably would sink if I went in the water with my wedding dres on so I decided on a typical destination dress in chiffon.  I am doing a really fun TTD session with our photographer we are flying down there so we are going to do a couple of different looks which I am excited about! Its Sophia Tolli and in all white.




Out of Town Bag Contents

Custom water bottles

Custom playing cards (I love them!)

Beach balls

Hangover kits/medicine kits



Thank you post cardsIMG_2238.JPGIMG_2247.JPGIMG_2249.JPGIMG_2251.JPGIMG_2253.JPG





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Bridesmaid Dresses


Our colors are cobalt blue and orange and the bridesmaids are wearing B3045 and B2082 in knee length cobalt.  They will be short and cute!  These are the shoes they are wearing with them and the jewelry and pashminas as gifts.




The Groomsmen and Groom will be wearing tuxedos from Savvi Formalwear.  They will be getting matching ties and reef sandals as grooms gifts.



The Flower girl is wearing a Rosebud dress in coordinating colors.



The rehearsal dinner outfit dress is from Express.








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More Miscellaneous photos for the wedding: fish pin for ring bearer (he loves fish!)  TTD jewelry and shoes, custom notebook, and beach bags for the girls.
















Wedding ceremony at home (we got legally married and will have a symbolic ceremony in mexico)



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This is awesome! I am a Moon Palace bride, so all the attachments you provided will be SOO helpful! I excited to see all your pics and your review when you get back! You are going to look gorgeous in your dress! 

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