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When I saw Kristy!"s whiteboard guestbook I just knew I had to be a total copy cat :)  I really wanted pictures for the guestbook and I love additional emotion the message adds, be it humor of inside jokes or love. thank you Kristy!  Here is the post..



This then lead to the whiteboard hunt.  Lots of time etsy and trying to figure out how to make a whiteboard, that is clear and not glass.  Who wants broken glass in their suitcase and no whiteboard for the guestbook?


I found that home depot sells acrylic sheets you can put in a picture frame instead of glass.  It's about $5 for 11X14 sheet.  It's near all the doors.  I had to show the sku number to 3 people before we found it.



Then I just bought a picture frame to fit it in. (kitchen stuff plus $11.99)  I love that I can change the background... now to decide on the background.  Below is what it looks like with some extra scrapbook paper in it.  I am going to change this, but was too excited to wait posting :)  


Plus I would love some advice :)...please let me know what you think.

I would like to put some working up top like..

Dear Amy and Eddy


Words of Wisdom


How to have a Happy Marriage


...... I think you get the idea :)


Here are the pictures...PS I had a crappy crayola washable marker, not a real whiteboard marker.







This was the one I found on etsy that I really liked.  It's a menu planner for the week.  I think I will change my whiteboard to this after the wedding.  now to find this awesome paper :)

Link to her shop, in case she sells this one.





looking forward to your advice on wording :)  I'll be sure to post the final product.

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You did a great job!  It will be a lot of fun to go and pick out the background paper....so many options.  I would personally just put "Amy & Eddy" at the top and your wedding date at the bottom.  If it were me, I wouldn't assume that each of your guests are going to take long enough to write out words of wisdom.  Some of them might just want to write "Congratulations" or draw a funny picture or something like that so it might be best to leave it a little more generic.

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This is an amazing idea. I totally love that you can customize the background.

Contrast-wise, was it difficult to read the writing with a background in the photo?


Terrific! So creative.

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