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  1. well let's just say that i am SO GLAD that our AHR is O - V - E - R. there were good parts and bad parts and am just glad that i can finally breathe. long story short (although this may be long in the end lol), hubby and i only agreed to this AHR at the hall if it was a dinner only. since his parents wouldn't go for the idea of a bbq (which is what we wanted) they said they'd pay for the entire thing if we could have it at the hall. again, we agreed on this to be a dinner only....no dj..no dance.. no speeches.. etc. we had our wedding and this was just to be a night to get togethe
  2. yup! the spider mums were 5 for $5! the regular price now that the sale is done is $7 for 5
  3. I ended up getting the rest of the flowers at Loblaws of all places! Yesterday was the last day of their sale -- 3 bunches for $15, so i just grabbed 6 bunches. there are 2 more pink gerberas, but sadly the stems broke during the transport home, so their in a measuring cup right now awaiting a smaller vase tomorrow lol
  4. well i'm happy to say that i purchased all of the flowers last night for our AH (the blue and white on the left are my leftover silk ones from my bouquet) --- total cost: $33! These are going to be floating in vases with shells in the bottom as part of the centerpiece And we're going to make 3 vases with the others -- 1 to go in the ladies bathroom and the others will be in the room somewhere. Our weddding video/slideshow is complete 5.5 hours worth of music is ready to go Candy is bought! we actually go to the hall tonight to start hauling stuff over
  5. thank you! thank you!! i'll give that a shot tonight.
  6. on another note, we're not getting a dj or doing a dance or anything, but do plan to have music playing throughout the night via our laptop. I started working on the playlist last night but am having trouble with getting songs??? I only have 3.3hrs worth so far (need at least 5 i think).. anyway, I have been using frostwire, but like 85% of the songs i want, I can't find or the files just have the voice saying "blah blah this file is illegal" ..... what have you ladies been using to get music?? i'd rather not spend more $ lol
  7. OH there will be desserts galore!! lol We're doing a cupcake table that will be covered in dark chocolate devils food cupcakes frosted in turquoise and white vanilla butterream (to carry our turquoise colour into the AHR). My mom so graciously volunteered to make the cupcakes this week so they'll be ready for me to frost Saturday morning with my vanilla buttercream. I got a pretty kick ass turquoise stand from Home Sense last week that will be the 'main' cupcake stand and I've also gotten 2 different cake stands from the moms then 2 stainless platters (found at value village) so we'll
  8. hubby thinks i'm crazy for looking at going back so soon (we were thinking for a 1 yr anniversary) but i'm just dying to be back there with no family around!! LOL it's an 'option', but as bad as it sounds, we're waiting to see how much we have $-wise after our AHR on saturday. We really were thinking of re-doing our kitchen this summer if we had enough $, so i think that will be first on the list. However, maybe.. just maybe we'll have enough for another trip too?? a girl can dream right?? I love the idea of smores!!!! is it bad that we're not doing favours at our AHR???? we'r
  9. great deals!! although i think we're going to wait to do ours until after the AHR this weekend. p.s. I think I may be crazy!!!! I've been searching like MAD to try and find a last minute deal to go back to the Riu Negril for a week in July!!!!! LOL .. i'm so stressed over this AHR i just want to go back the two of us and relax on an actual honeymoon!!!!! .... too bad the last minute deal would still cost us $2600!! yikes :S
  10. My hubby and I were married in Jamaica this past april and DID NOT need a long form of our birth certificates (I've never heard of that actually) all we needed were the notarized copies of our wallet sized birth certificates along with notarized copies of our passports. All that extra work is not needed!! We've since recieved our official marriage certificate and it's all legal here!
  11. wish i could go to the toronto get together but it's too far for me - esp for a work night. being in bowmanville, it would probably take me almost 2 hrs to get to square one with rush hour on a weeknight. boo! another time!
  12. Lisa i just sent you a PM i found a great list today in regards to name changing over on Service Canada's website. http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/lifeevents/marriage.shtml work, facebook and the bank have been so easy to change a name!! lol the rest are a bit of a pain. i think you can actually call to change your name with revenue canada, but then you have to go to a Service Canada location to change your SIN and then to a Service Ontario location to change your license and health card.
  13. that's pretty awesome brandy! lucky you! now that i have my paperwork i just need to figure out when to go to get everything taken care of because of course i need to go to 2 different offices that are only open 9-4 and i work 8-5. go figures!
  14. We came home with our temporary marriage certificate that we actually signed on our wedding day, but here in Ontario (i'm assuming all Canada) you can't officially do the name change with the temporary certificate. Or I guess I should say, I can't change my SIN, licence, or health card without the official document (which I just got). It's been a bit of a pain. Yet.. I emailed my bank and basically said 'hey this is my new name' and they changed it for me. I still can't change my mortgage though without going to the lawyer with the marriage certificate, so i'm just going to hold
  15. yes ours is in english --- one of the big reasons we chose Jamaica because we wouldn't have to worry about translating. you're going to have to get yours translated into english unfortunately (i assume it's in spanish?)
  16. on a REALLY GOOD NOTE --- we finally got our official marriage certificate (2 copies) in the mail on Tuesday!!! Literally the day before Canada Post started their full out strike. Phew!! Now I can finally get my name officially changed on everything!
  17. mocha - i wish we could keep everything from my in-laws, but they're the ones paying for the whole thing (because they're the ones that wanted it) so we feel kind of obliged?? i'm hating the whole situation though because i always loved my inlaws before and this crap is making me start to resent them and yes, i'm going to do fullsize chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream - some in turquoise and some in white my work does have a projector and i'm going to ask tomorrow if we can borrow it. might be a long shot though but we'll see. (fingers crossed!)
  18. hubby's going to have to help with the playlist and video ... everything else pretty much me, myself and i... i honestly just want it to be over. i'm not even excited for it at all. oh and we need to also get cheese and veggie platters together too lol (at least my mom is helping with that)
  19. p.s. Welcome back Lisa! AHR update: - i spray-painted all of the frames i bought and they're looking great - made up a seating plan that of course MIL didn't agree with and she went and changed it all around leaving tables of 4/5/6/7 ... meanwhile i had all tables of 6 and only one of 7. thankfully I talked to hubby about it and he's going to tell his mom we're sticking to our seating plan or else there will be NO seating plan. she kept moving things around keeping families all together. i was so frustrated thinking are hubbies aunts and uncles 10 and can't sit with so
  20. i'm going to try adding you tonight! (my work blocks fb)
  21. correction - the frames i got are like what Teira used (her pink and orange ones) .. i found a ton of clear ones so hopefully the turquoise spray paint holds up well
  22. glad your AHR went well lesee!! We did a lot of talk/planning for our AHR yesterday and I feel a bit better now. We got to go look at the hall again as it was all set up for an afternoon wedding. They only had a setup for 60 people (we're going to end up somewhere close to 80) so it was nice to see that it didn't actually look to bad in the big room. We're just going to spread things out by putting only 6 people per table. As for centerpieces, we did find some vases at dollarama which we're going to go back to purchase. Then we're thinking putting a layer of sand, some seashe
  23. oo thanks mocha! i'll check out michaels this weekend too then!
  24. thanks for the tip meg!!! i'll give my mom the job to check out some dollaramas tomorrow
  25. mocha --- i'm looking for something like these for vases.... or this:
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