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  1. The guest book was great! We got some great funny shots and everyone got into it!!!! The starfish came from shell horizons. I purchased over 100 from there and they all were great!!!!!
  2. We just got back from Cancun and are trying to unload some things. We left most of the items behind so there isn't a lot. Please let me know if you interested in anything. Shipping to US. Veil - Single layer, Swarovski accents along the border. Paid $195 for it, will let go of it for $95 Bare Necessities Va Bien Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier size 34c. Didn't end up wearing it, tags still on it. Spent $79 for it, will sell it for $45. Starfish chair hanger - have 8 of them with a tiffany blue ribbon. Hand made, $40 for all. They are handmade so they are not perfect. Tiffany Organz
  3. Yes, I was charged 2015 pricing, then I also got a quote for the flowers, then when they sent over the estimate it went up $25/each. So I am brining the email to prove our communication instead of trying to fight over email.
  4. I absolutely understand your frustration. Hopefully since they have never told you that you cant meet outside the gate then everything will be fine. I hear you should always keep 100% of your emails for communication proof. I will let you know if I hear or see anything when I am there in 14 days!
  5. Howdy! I am getting married on January 10th so its right around the corner! I have been speaking a lot with Juan so I just wanted to post my two cents. The 2015 price has changed. I went up a few hundred bucks. They are in the middle of letting all the brides know. As for the florist, we originally booked an outside vendor, was going to go meet them outside of the resort and I was told "if you bring in any flowers, you will be charged a $300 vendor fee" so we are just going with the resorts to avoid the stress and arguments. I read a question on the chair, we are upgrading to the s
  6. I am doing the same thing! We bought the camera, tried it out and love it. We bought props on a stick for under 5 bucks and found a book on etsy. Look up LiuMy on etsy. Good luck!
  7. @@carrieandsam @@palmtree99 We went through David and Vanessa's Destination Wedding also. They were incredible. Highly recommended, I ordered them and had them delivered 3 days afterwards! I was shocked.
  8. I had mine printed by the company it was roughly $5.00 a piece. They came out beautiful, everyone saved them and still rave about them. Couldn't be happier and I know I couldn't have accomplished that quality myself.
  9. Looks like you had a beautiful wedding! Congratulations! Your dress and flowers were absolutely amazing! How did the guest book turn out? Did you use the Fijifilm Instax camera? I want to do a DIY photo booth, and guest book but couldn't find any recent information on the camera, quality and look!
  10. Has anyone used the portable printers that you hook up to the camera and print the 4x6 photos right there? I really like the idea of the DIY photo booth guest book (without an actual booth) but I have no idea how to start it! All the threads are super old! I saw the Fujifilm Instax camera and film, however it prints business card size photos...so I am unsure of that. Anyone have any better ideas? Also I talked to Juan and he said I can do the Italian lights for $400 vs the $850 charge for the Chinese lanterns....has anyone used these are going to use them? We are having the reception at 6
  11. I got mine at girlsdressline.com. Super cute and I received it the day after I ordered it! I love it...I would wear it =0)
  12. We couldn't find anything easy without spending an entire day traveling. We have decided we would take our honeymoon a few months after the actual wedding and we are staying at NOW Sapphire (where the wedding will be held at) for 6 days then switching to Secrets Marmora for the remainder of the trip so we can have some alone time. Good luck!! =0)
  13. I vote for dress # 2, but you are beautiful in both! Good luck and Congrats!
  14. I am getting married there on January 10th 2015. I have been reading reviews left and right and everyone has assured me that it will turn out beautifully, that the NOW Sapphire resort is a wedding machine! Congrats!
  15. If you have any of the teal lanyards or coil rings left I would be interested.
  16. You are so on it! I am going to follow all your progress since you have some fantastic ideas =0)
  17. I love those! If the other bride doesn't want them I will take them. Did you make them?
  18. I like the organza, and it matches my dress. But I wondered the same thing =)
  19. Where did you originally get them? I am having a hard time finding those colors in stock.
  20. I agree! I hate the bows. Love the starfish, but then that's bringing more supplies....more luggage.
  21. Thanks for the ideas! Didn't know we could use sashes for table runners.
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