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  1. Any Brides out there getting married at the Grand Palladium in 2017/18? I am looking for information on their wedding packages, ect..... Thanks
  2. @@dreamweddings yes our heart is set on Jamaica for sentimental reasons. @@bmillerick I will have a look at them but I believe that the palace is in Ocho Rios and I am not 100% sure about the location.
  3. Hi all I was all set to book my 2017 wedding at the Azul Sensatori Jamaica and when I was searching the website I noticed that they didn't offer any of the wedding packages there. I'm so disappointed. I have asked my TA to find info if she could but I'm thinking I need to start over. So here's what I'm looking for, a resort that is family friendly as I am travelling with all my children (ages 1-22) and my 2 grandchildren, as well as my parents and pil to be. Any recommendations???
  4. Following because I LOVE Negril and want the sensatori location but I haven't found any reviews and all the packages I've been looking at say that they don't apply to Jamaica. Help!!
  5. Hi Ladies Sometimes life gets in the way of wedding planning. We had to put the wedding on hold because we have had 2 children and bought and sold our home and, and, and...... lol. We are starting over again, still planning on Jamaica but have decided on sensatori negril on Oct 28th 2017. Finally looking forward to this journey!
  6. I couldn't see where you got the luggage tags from? I also didn't see the template, could you possibly post those again? Thanks I really appreciate it.
  7. NixSpade


    Name says it all
  8. I've finally finished my logo. WOOHOOO!!! Wish I knew how to embed the picture. What do you think? I had to make it my profile picture
  9. Is there going to be a fix on this, I would love to be able to see this.
  10. @@helenk My date is October 28th it will be our 4 year anniversary
  11. I am using them and I don't have to sign a room block contract. I did pay something though, I believe it was $50.00. My TA is searching for rates for me, when she does get them I will have to put a deposit down and it will hold our reservation and a bunch of rooms so that my guests can book.
  12. So I finally made the decision! We are getting married at the Hyatt Ziva Rose in Montego Bay in Oct 2015!!!!!!! It's a new hotel hasn't opened as yet but I know it's going to be gorgeous, and I am so excited, I can't wait!!!! I have so much to do, OMG, I have to get on the weight loss thing, and start planning my butt off. **breathe in 2,3,4** breathe out 2,3,4*** WHOOOOOOO
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