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Pre-Wedding Cleanse or Weight Loss Programs?

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It's a high intensity workout. It's by trainer Sean T. You start out with the fit test, which consist of all cardio workouts. The new trend is working out at a quicker pace to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories. Basically you work out for 30 mins at high speed for 1 min, you rest for 1 min before the next exercise. The 30 mins includes stretching in the beginning, workout and cool down at the end. You'll burn more calories in 30 mins than you normally would working out for 1 hr. It's perfect for me because I have a very hectic schedule. Therefore, 30 min workouts is the perfect solution for me. I highly recommend it. It's difficult in the beginning but after the 1st week, you'll see improvement in your performance. The best part is dropping down the weight!! 

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Hi Ladies! 

I agree with the other poster in that the extreme cleanses are not always the safest.


I'm working with a trainer (4 x week strength training) and nutritionist who just gave me a 5 day jump start/cleanse diet. 

These are the elements of the cleanse:



5 Day Cleanse Elements


  1. Eliminate All White Sugar
  2. Eliminate All Grains
  3. Eliminate All Dairy Products
  4. Eliminate All Red Meat
  5. Take ‘Friendly Bacteria†Daily
  6. Take One Tablespoon Of Ground Flaxseeds Daily
  7. Increase Consumption Of Phyto-nutrient Rich Foods

Drink A Minimum Of 8 Glasses Of Purified Water Daily



The meal plan looks something like this:


Breakfast- 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup berries (smoothie)

                or 1 cup egg whites -with spinach, mushroom, tomato or zucchini

                                          or- with 1/2 cup berries and 1/2 cup almond milk

Mid morning Snack- Veggies with hummus

                          or 1 small apple with natural peanut butter

                          or 3/4 cup soy or 0% greek yogurt with 1/2 scoop protein powder (like vanilla...adds flavor!)

                          or 1 cup mixed berries with almond milk

                          or 1 scoop protein powder with 1 cup almond milk

Lunch- Large salad with mixed greens/spinach and unlimited veggies. 1 tbsp flaxseed oil mixed with balsamic vinegar as dressing

Mid afternoon Snack- same options as before

Dinner- 1 small sweet potato, 1 cup veggies, 4 oz salmon or chicken

Night snack- Same options as before



As you can see this cleanse is not extreme but is the epitome of healthy clean eating! She said her clients will lose 3-8 pounds in these 5 days. After this she assess's how your body responds and tailors a program to meet your goals. Diet and exercise are really the no nonsense way to lose weight and keep it off. The Insanity workout is killer for cardio and weight training is adding on lean muscle mass and my body is burning more calories just at rest...awesome!


I'm on Day 1 of the cleanse....so this is what prompted me to write! I'll update you with my progress. I lost 5 lbs by exercising alone but it took me 2 months...but with no dieting at all...not bad. I start today at 133lbs (5ft 6') and my goal is to be 120-125 by February. I hope that I decrease my body fat % and increase my lean muscle! All in all the scale # isn't as important as my body fat % decreasing as my lean muscle increases, but I'm just like everyone else I want to see that scale go DOWN! haha


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Good luck everyone with whatever you decide to do...diet, clense, healthy eating. IMO the body has a natural cleansing process and you don;t need these 'on te market' cleanses. A glass a lemon water first thing in the am should be all you need.

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I agree! and just for the record...this is not a colon cleanse (like some products tout) or anything of the sorts, but merely a cleanse of all the sugar and processed foods we have all grown to love. Sugar causes problems on so many levels and processed foods are pretty much de-void of any nutritional benefit. I guess we call call it cleanse or diet, but it simply serves as a way to jump start your weight loss and get you walking down the path of clean eating. 

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Reading this has given me some inspiration.  My wedding is a ways off but I do want to lose about 10 pounds.  My weight is pretty consistent but fluctuates up and down about 5 pounds and right now I'm at the top end of the range.  I've never done any of these drastic diets - just good old eating right and exercise but I've just been having a hard time with consistency recently.  I want to start now and lose it the right way and not be in panic mode a month before the wedding.  Girls, please post your results to keep us motivated!

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