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  1. aaronlori- I just played around in a Word document and kept playing with the words until it looked "perfect". I think if you just take out "Our" and do Priceless. Memories. Punta Canta. ...and I bet it will be perfect ! For everyone requesting templates- I will search through my templates and post them all here! I "borrowed" so many ideas from here I'm happy to give back!
  2. Thanks for all the nice comments! faybarnett- We did not choose and actually got Flora. She is the worst. So cranky. She was in fact so bad that we switched to Patti (wedding manager) once we got there. Diane is very sweet. Flora never actually contacted me before (even though I sent her several emails and requests) so if you do get her, don't worry. Just ask to be switched ASAP. Honestly our wedding was amazing and any anxiety or worries I had was not worth it. The Royal is the best and your wedding will be perfect! As you can tell, I miss it so much!
  3. I just got married there in Novmeber. (it was AMAZING!). FYI- they include white sashes for free. I brought my own tealish blue sashes and they added them to the chairs as well to mix up the colors. For bouquet, I brought my own as well (real touch) and for the centerpieces, etc. the flowers they used looked good...some were awesome and some were okay, but honestly the day of the wedding I really didn't care about the flowers (and I don't think anyone else did either). Everyone was HAPPY! We had our ceremony in the gazebo (technically the Gran Caribe's gazebo) and our reception in the v
  4. **PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANYTHING. EVERYTHING IS PRICED TO SELL...OR BEST OFFER. ** STUFF FOR OOT BAGS...& the Bags! Here is a link for more info on the bags/stuff in them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/67118/my-oot-bags-oh-sh-t-kits-koozies-key-card-holders-cameras-w-scavenger-hunt-more-pics/10#post_1516784 - Bags: $6.50 each + shipping. I have 9 bags total (6 have 4 rhinestones on the white part + 1 at the bottom on the heart & 3 only have the rhinestone at the bottom on the heart...I used the one with the 4 rhinestones for wom
  5. 3/14- NEW PRICES **OOT Bags, Luggage Tags, Real Touch Flowers, Raffia Fans, Cake Jewelry, Place Settings, Candle Holders, Message in a Bottle Stuff, & More! **
  6. I think slapping a shipping label on the bottle is your only option (other than boxing it up of course). You could probably take it to the pots office and ask them about your options. And then you could design your own stamp (once you know how much it is to ship) on Zazzle.com that says something cute!
  7. Thank you! I am going through all of my items now and have left over supplies to sell: - 22 Glass Bottles w/ Corks: $25 + shipping - Bag of sea shells: $2 + shipping - Raffia String (about 1/2 roll): $2 + shipping - Crinkle Paper (about 6 lbs): $10 + shipping *I will sell everything for $35 + shipping (essentially including sea shells and string for free!) Please private message me if you are interested or would like to make an offer. Thank you!
  8. SALE of items listed above: - Bags: $8.50 each + shipping. I have 9 bags total (6 have 4 rhinestones on the white part + 1 at bottom of heart and 3 only have the rhinestone at the bottom of the heart...I used the one with the 4 rhinestones for women and 1 rhinestone for men). **The heart say Cancun, so you will probably only want to purchase if you are having a Cancun wedding! - Luggage Tags: $.40 each + shipping. I have 69 of these left over. Purchased from http://tags.idcardgroup.com/'>http://tags.idcardgroup.com/ - Luggage Tag Plastic Loop Strap: $.05 each + shipping. I have 450
  9. RAFFIA FANS: For our ceremony, I set out raffia fan programs. I purchased the fans from orientaltrading and wrapped the handles with ribbon. I printed the program onto Vellum paper and then glued it to nice ivory paper and attached it through 2 holes I punched with a hole puncher. These were a last minute add and were cute and very easy to do! I am now selling: - Raffia Fans- $.75 each. I have 25 total ...10 are wrapped with pink ribbon and 15 are bare. I also have extra pink ribbon I will include for free if all are purchased ($18 for all + shipping). CANDLE
  10. I am so glad that I brought my own real touch bouquet and did not spend $200+ on the 10 minutes that I held it! J I purchased 10 Real Touch light pink/cream peonies from Saveoncrafts.com and used 8 of them to create this bouquet. They were 30in each so I used loppers to cut them (I knew they would get use one of these days)! I then wrapped them with floral tape and ribbon and then pinned them with diamond bouquet pins! The flowers look real (& smell real)! I am now selling: o Pink Peony Bouquet, as pictured (+ 2 flowers that are uncut) : $80 + shipping o Bouquet Pins +1 roll of Flo
  11. CAKE: - CAKE STAND: For the cake stand, I purchased a sheet of 24x24†plexiglass and held it up with 9 round “candle holders†which we filled with clear crystals and put blue lights in them. This looked AWESOME at night (our reception was dark). I also brought the candle holders from home (which I purchased as 14oz polycarbonate tumblers)…they are plastic so they travel easily. I purchased them from simplysmartliving.com for $4 ea, will sell for $3/ea + shipping (I have 9 of them). - CAKE JEWELRY: I was (still am) in love with my cake jewelry. I had the resort
  12. We did not have any kids but yes you could have kids. We had visited the resort several times before and were familiar with the gazebo. We were shown the villas terrace and loved it. The coordinators did not do a very good job at all of describing the exact locations and we nearly missed out on this (they tried to put us somewhere else). I think these are the best locations they have! Good luck with your wedding planning and feel free to ask any other questions you have. I am happy to help!
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