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  1. @@Wafflesmom what's your postal code? To get an accurate price I need it. I'll go back tomorrow and get the price.
  2. @@Wafflesmom I just seen this. I'll check for you after I get off work today and let you know!
  3. Here are a list of items for sale. You can p.m. at liz_hund@hotmail.com All prices do NOT include shipping. So please take into consideration the extra shipping cost. Turqouise starfish raffia chair decoration $9 a piece or $45 for 6 Sweating for the dress May bride tank top (worn once) $15 Small coral bridesmaid robe (never worn) $15 The knot guide to destination weddings $8 200 coral rose petals $5 6 coral lanterns never opened $6 2 sets of 6 : Kate aspens place card holders (coral) $10 40 Organza chair sash coral $15 for all 4 coral organza table runners $4 15 turqouise organ
  4. I want to start selling my wedding items. I'm not sure how to accept money via PayPal. Can anyone walk me through this? I've never sold anything on here before.
  5. I'm leaving tomorrow. Ms. Procrastinator!!! LoL anyways I bought the cups from Vickie's with the sticky stuff so hopefully that works. If all else fails I have douBle sided tape and duct tape lol
  6. Thanks ladies!! Keeping my fingers crossed and positive thoughts that everything will work out .
  7. I have cups sewn in. It fits fine. I would just like a little cleavage
  8. I am completely freaking out! I leave on tue for riviera maya Mexico and there is a 60% chance of rain on my wedding day. I've never been to Mexico so I'm not sure if this is something that will blow over quickly or maybe just change completely last minute. I'm just so disappointed because it says rain every day were there. Everyone spent so much money. I just want my guests to have a great sunny vacation.
  9. @acw271011@rvalenka@Pablou@jackielemman Ladies!!!! I have an urgent question!!! What do you think I should do to perk the "girls" up I was thinking about those cutlets but I'm worried they won't stay. Double sided tape doesn't seem like it will hold all night. Should I just do good old fashioned duct tape???
  10. @@Pablou I am soooo excited!!! Sorry not trying to sound like a giddy little girl! It's finally here. Hoping everything goes smoothly! Wish me luck!!! P.S. I have a lot of last minute stuff to do so I don't feel organized :/ All the wedding stuff is packed tho! Now I just need my suitcase @@1BeachBride Thank you so much!!!! I am extremely nervous! I have nobody helping me and I just feel unorganized. It's all so overwhelming. I just feel like I'm forgetting something important!
  11. I leave Monday!!!! So excited yet stressed to the max I hope I don't forget anything important
  12. @@lukose thanks for the suggestion!!! I never would of thought of that. How did your wedding turn out? Did you have a semi-private dinner? We are doing a semi-private dinner at chilli then moving to the Daquiri bar after for our reception with a DJ. Are these close by each other??
  13. Hi Ladies, I leave for Mexico in 27 days!!!! I'm so excited but at the same time I am stressing over last minute details. I am going to write down what I have done so far and if anyone notices something I am missing please let me know I have my dress, veil, shoes, (flip flops and heels) earrings,and necklace. Tux and shoes for groomsman, groom, and my father are ordered. I will order boutinerres when I arrive. I have bridesmaids dresses, necklace, and flipflops. My bouquet along with the bridesmaids are all ordered. Gifts for groomsman and bridesmaids are all finished. I have robes for
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