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  1. The outside vendor fee is: Pay the $300 to Kodak (they have a contract with Barcelo therefore they feel they are entitled to "lost work"?!) or have your photographer as a guest at the resort- which means they would be staying at least 2 nights at the hotel. No day pass required for either option! It worked out for us that the $300 was cheaper then the 2 nights stay so we did that...and held out to the last minute to pay them too! haha My photographer was easily able to access the resort the day before the wedding too- no day pass, no outside vendor fee had been paid yet etc...He came to mee
  2. My Wedding Review: Wedding Day: Friday, February 25th, 2011 @ 3pm WC: Victoria Hair & Makeup: Adrian Guerra (Styling Trio Riviera Maya) Ceremony: Playa Azul Reception: Playa Azul Photographer: Ivan Luckie So here we are just one day back from our week in paradise. I went from a balmy 28 degrees and sunny to a frigid -15 and snowing! Oh how I wish I was back lounging by the pool.... Our week was in a nutshell AMAZING. I can not begin to tell you what an incredible resort Barcelo Maya is. We stayed at the Tropical section and it was perfectly situated for everything
  3. YUMMY!!!!!!!! This sounds delicious! Have all the ingredients so going to try tomorrow morning.
  4. That's awesome skadow!!! Just curious as to your bouquet...sounds like we may have similar wedding colors. Do you have a pic of it? I need some inspiration!! Here's what I'm leaning towards:
  5. I agree! and just for the record...this is not a colon cleanse (like some products tout) or anything of the sorts, but merely a cleanse of all the sugar and processed foods we have all grown to love. Sugar causes problems on so many levels and processed foods are pretty much de-void of any nutritional benefit. I guess we call call it cleanse or diet, but it simply serves as a way to jump start your weight loss and get you walking down the path of clean eating.
  6. Hi Ladies! I agree with the other poster in that the extreme cleanses are not always the safest. I'm working with a trainer (4 x week strength training) and nutritionist who just gave me a 5 day jump start/cleanse diet. These are the elements of the cleanse: 5 Day Cleanse Elements Eliminate All White Sugar Eliminate All Grains Eliminate All Dairy Products Eliminate All Red Meat Take ‘Friendly Bacteria’ Daily Take One Tablespoon Of Ground Flaxseeds Daily Increase Consumption Of Phyto-nutrient Rich Foods Drink A Minimum Of 8 Glasses Of Purified Wat
  7. Sorry, meant to leave a description of my dress! It's a Lazaro dress and I got it in soft white for my beach ceremony in Mexico. The back it beautiful as it has flowing silk flowers cascading down...so romantic I'm having it a bit more tailored through the hips and the top is more sweethearted. I can't wait to wear it in February!
  8. I am in full body goosebumps looking at your photos!!!! Absolutely amazing. You and husband looked so incredible. The photographer captured so many memories of the day I feel like I was there. Thanks so much for sharing. This is by far the best review I've read. Thanks for all the details. As you mentioned the WC's are less that perfect with respect to getting you all the information you need, so this is just great! You should share this on the 'unofficial barcelo maya' wedding board as well (if you haven't already and/or if you are comfortable sharing on there). I know I look the
  9. It's so funny...I painted my nails a few days ago- hot pink! And thought to myself, wedding day nails?? I quickly thought that I would regret the decision. There will potentially be a lot of pictures, close ups , of your hands etc...I think a classic french mani will stand the test of time. You just can't go wrong. I thought of adding a pop of color by wearing a vibrant flower in my hair instead of the traditional white. Hot pink nails may be in now, but when you look back ten years from now what will you think?? Just my thoughts
  10. My healthy breakfast ideas are: -- 5 Grain Oatmeal (Not the instant stuff- 1/4 cup dry, 1/3 cup water. Microwave for 3 mins). Add some frozen blueberries and raspberries at the 2:30min point. Volia! -- Eggs on toast. I poach an egg or two and have it on a piece of grain bread. Sometimes I'll add a slice of Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapeno for a little low fat goodness. I use regular 12 grain bread or Ezekiel Bread (no flour, low GI bread) and lots of fresh ground pepper -- Greek yogurt mixed with 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein, granola with nuts and berries, and topped wi
  11. Just wanted to post the Insanity Workout Schedule and Fit Test with diagrams with the different moves. It's a great pdf version to print out...feels good to put a big X when you complete a day!. I have "hand me down" DVD's so I didn't have this and thought I would share in case anyone else needed it! ~Krista InsanityCalendar_FitTest.pdf
  12. Just downloaded this from Itunes for $9.99! Going to do it 3/week along with weights 3/week. Let's do this!!!!!!!!
  13. Â That's awesome! I think Tosca just came out with a new book last week as a matter of fact...I'll have to go and check it out! Â I need more ideas than salad with chicken on it lol, and oatmeal for breakfast!
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