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Seashell Lipbalm Favors From organicisland.com.au

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I just recieved my seashell lipbalm favors from organicisland.com.au and I am so happy with them!!! smile29.gif


 Seriously they have been the easiest company to deal with ever!  I must have emailed Jillian 50 times and changed my mind 10 times!  In the end I ordered a mixture of 15 seashell lip balms, various sizes and colours for only $12 each including shipping from Australia.  They came in a week and looked exactly like on the website, maybe even a bit bigger than I thought they would be(which was a bonus b/c I thought they may be too small)  I asked for them to include a gift tag and the brown cloth bags and they did for free!  I'm so excited to have these out on the tables and to see all of the woman's reactions to them.  My FI is choosing the men's favors so it was fun to pick something really girly!  Here are some photos:





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